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2014 Investigation Techniques of the Best Private Investigators

Private investigators receive different jobs that require different approaches. This is one of the responsibilities of a private investigator, to look at a situation and look for the most efficient way to get the job done. In a rapidly evolving industry, this becomes twofold as private investigators must also look into new techniques and tools that are available. These tools will affect how different jobs can be completed. Knowing this, it’s always helpful to hear from fellow private investigators to learn more about different techniques to help keep up with the growth of the industry. Here are a few of the best techniques shared by private investigators:

  • Stakeout surveillance – learning when it is time to perform a semi-stakeout or full stakeout is important to making the most of your allotted time on a particular job. This is something that comes with practice but it is always important to analyze each situation and chose times that are the most efficient. Simple night time stakeouts are outdated.

  • High-end recording equipment – technology is always in a state of rapid evolution as companies compete to attract customers to the next best experience they can offer. Knowing this, it is always important to keep tech up-to-date and not to skimp out on equipment. Smartphones and DSLR cameras are changing the game, and it can mean the difference between success or failure to invest in new equipment.

  • Disguise – the shades and baseball cap technique is a thing of the past. Private investigators need to know how to blend into a crowd without making themselves the center of attention.

  • Lead communication – building trust with persons of interest can make it that much easier to get important information.

Private investigators are always updating their techniques as the industry and world grows around them. To start your path to a career in private investigation, contact the National Investigative Training Academy to learn more about our private investigator classes today.

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