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3 Self-Defense Techniques for Security Guards and Private Investigators

Self-defense is essential for everyone. For Private Investigators and security guards, it’s a requirement. Private Investigators and security guards work to protect the public. Unfortunately, they sometimes find themselves in a situation where a person with criminal intent decides to act violently and overpower an officer. For this career path, there are many methods of clean self-defense techniques that will help you protect yourself in these instances.

Investigators and security guards often have to think on their feet whenever something goes wrong. In such situations, it’s a good idea to have some background training to make the most responsible decisions. Below are some of the most popular self-defense tactics for security guards and Private Investigators to consider.


This sport teaches some practical skills, courage, and builds strength. As a security professional, be aware that you’re limited when using force to subdue an individual. Boxing will give you the right amount of confidence, as well as improve your speed and overall reflexes. Learning combos, ducking, and proper fighting techniques will make you better at your job.

Self-Defense Against Weapons

These classes come in handy for many investigators and sometimes, for security guards. Especially if you decide to become an Investigator, there may be times when you’ll have to take down someone pointing a weapon at you. There are a lot of risks, and things have been known to go wrong very quickly when handling lethal arms. You can always try Krav Maga training as it focuses on self-defense when the other person is wielding a weapon. Or you can contact your local dojo and see if they have a knife or other weapons classes. Finally, check out a gun range and take a course so you understand what goes into shooting a firearm, so you’re not caught off-guard on the job.

Traditional Martial Arts

Karate can provide excellent self-defense techniques both mentally and physically. Modern mixed martial arts are even better since these employ the latest techniques. Even the military uses a cross between Karate and Mixed Martial Arts to train their cadets. You can also look at traditional practices like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Judo for efficient techniques that you can use to defend yourself as a security guard or Private Investigator.

Remember that as an Investigator, you’re only doing this to learn how to protect yourself and possibly other innocent clients who happen to be with you at the time. Take extra care to make sure that your training reflects this and you’re not the one provoking aggression.

Taking the Right Classes to as a Security Guard or PI

Remember that it doesn’t matter what kind of training you do, only that you do train in one type of technique or another. You should also know the laws of the state you’re in to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Your pre-licensing education is as important as any physical training. Try professional development courses with the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA). The best defense is a proper class that will teach you what to do in any given situation without engaging in violence. Call NITA at 866-235-7918 or request a free consultation to find out more about how our state-approved courses can help you.

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