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Florida CC Course Testimonials

“I love it.”

“I have always wanted to further my education in the field of helping others.  I am so grateful to NITA for such a wealth of information that will help me on my new career journey.  Thank you.” – BW

“Highly recommend to anyone interested in this field.”

“High recommend course, very helpful and easy to take.”  – AE

“I definitely would recommend to future associates.”

“Wonderful training program!  I advise to everyone!”  – LH

“Very informative; great class.”

“This was a great course.  I learned a great deal.”  – SNG

“Great course, very detailed.” – FGF

“This training was great!  I believe I am ready to begin my journey as an investigator with confidence and excellence.  Thank you so much NITA.” – LM

“This informative training was beneficial to my career.”  – BM

“This was a great experience.” – C

“Very informative, easy to navigate.” – BL

“Excellent course material, great customer support, and a well put together website makes NITA a great pick for getting your CC license completion.”

“Definitely would recommend to future associates.”

“Very helpful I learned a lot.”

“Love the ability to achieve the 40 hour Private Investigator’s requirement in the convenience of my home via the online course!” – BB

“Course ware is functional and provides the information to attain the certification.” – CB

“If any individual is considering a career in the private investigative field the NITA is worth the admission and a great base start for your career.” – DD

“NITA has a wonderful program and you can study at your own pace. Very well laid out and knowledgeable. I took the CC license course and it was very informative.” – JB

“The course was easy understand and offers great information. Thank you.” – RH

“Best learning experience, Best Customer help.” – CG

“Hello all, I just want to say, If you are thinking of taking this course, think no more. I had a wonderful learning experience. This course is not only informational but easy to follow and comprehend. The best part of all is that you can choose to pause and continue at a later time. Not to brag but I scored 100% not because of my intellect but because of the structure and design of the program that helps you learn. I learned and enjoyed the course a lot and I am sure you will too. Good look in your future endeavors.” – J

“Excellent standards of knowledge and not stressful at all. Thank you for this information and future objectives with more opportunities of study through NITA.” – LT

“Great course, straight forward and comprehensive. Alot to read but good information.”

“Thanks so much for a great PI training course. I learned alot more than expected! NITA covered everything I need to know to start my PI career!” – JC

“I have always wanted to future my education in the field of helping others, I am so grateful to NITA for such a wealth of information that will help me on my new career journey… Thank you.” – DW

“This course is perfect for the busy lifestyle, which allows you to go at your own pace. The front office answered all of my questions and was overly helpful!”

“This course was very educational and expanded my knowledge tremendously when it comes to background investigating. I am so happy to have received this license.” – SG

“This course gives you everything you need to pass the CC test with flying colors.” – Steve S.

“I am very happy with the training materials, the review was direct and tot he point. There was not a lot of filler information. What was given was useful and clear. The completion pkt. came quickly and had a personalized note. I was very happy with my experience! Looking forward to the next phase!” – TAC

“I enjoyed taking my cc course online with your firm.” – OI

“The Florida “CC” Intern Course was very detailed and informative with a wealth of great material. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the field of private investigation. Was a great overall experience from the ease of the website to the help from the employees. I would tell any of my friends to use NITA’s website for their needs.” – LB

“Everything you need for a proper education to begin interning in the private investigation field. Simply put, it’s a great class.” –  C

“The course was very informative and I enjoyed taking it online.” – SB

“NITA helped me prepare for my career as a Private Investigator. Their program was thoughtfully organized, and included information that was pertinent to both the beginning investigator, and even the most seasoned PI.” – TL

“I learned a lot of interesting material, and course kept me glued the screen and never got boring.” – LJ

“There is a lot of information to absorb, yet the course is comprehensive and informative. For those who seek to right that which can be and a lot of times is wrong, this course is a great place to start your career in investigations.” – J.D.

“This training was great! I believe I am ready to begin my journey as an investigator with confidence and excellence. Thank you so much NITA.” – LM
“Before taking this course I was a little worried about how I would do starting out as a Florida Investigator CC Intern, but thanks to NITA’s website I feel confident on starting my journey out as a Florida Investigator CC. Thank you,” – JF

“So glad I took this course. Excellent online course. Thanks so much,” – RC

“The coursework was outlined in detail. Makes passing the Test a little easier.”

“I found the training material to be easy to follow, the review material very helpful. Overall navigation of the site is very easy. Great class.”

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