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Georgia Basic PI Training Course Testimonials

“This course was very informational. I learned a lot of very important information that I was unaware of before this course. Even after already being a private investigator in past times working with other investigative companies. I encourage anyone looking to become a private investigator for a private detective agency to take this course so that you can be knowledgeable of the laws before working out in the field.” – NC

“Awesome experience! I was able to complete the courseware at my pace without any distractions in the privacy and comfort of my own home . I would definitely recommend NITA to anyone looking to get into the field of private investigations.” – AS

“Informative and to the point. I learned everything I needed to know. All of the information was useful.” – MT

“Relevant and well detailed information provided. I️ would love to use the information provided as a as needed study guide. ”

“Website was well designed which made it easy to complete the training.” – M.N.

“I love that I could work at my own pace and the amount of information given. I feel confident to begin my PI career in Georgia.”

“Having been an LEO for 10 years most of the course core material was already familiar, however throughout the course, the application of that knowledge to the Private Investigator field was greatly expanded. Outstanding course, even for those with pre-existing criminal justice backgrounds.” – PM

“This is my second course here at NITA, and I have to this place has been nothing but stepping stone for a great career as a surveillance investigator in Florida and Georgia!”

“This course has very good information for those that do not have any experience within the criminal justice field. I have 10 years of experience in law enforcement as well as a Masters in Criminal Justice and still, I did learn a couple of things during the course. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the more specific information in the “history of” sections. All in all, I would recommend the course to any and all who are looking to enter into the field.”

“This is the second course I have taken with NITA and have been extremely pleased with both of them. This school has allowed doors to open, to expand my experiences and knowledge of the Investigative career field. After finishing the Georgia schooling, I came to realize just how much I enjoy what I do as a private investigator. This school is not just for those who cannot reach a physical campus, but it is for those who learn better on their own time. You are your own teacher and in the end, it all is all on yourself to push and succeed in this school. I am extremely grateful that a school like NITA is here to access. I would not be where I am today, if I had not known about this school.” – JDW

“Great training, NITA was fast, flexible with my daily schedule.” – CH

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