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Florida State Examination Preparation

Course Description

This program is a comprehensive review of the study materials and information needed in order to be successful when completing the Florida C Investigator Examination.

Florida “C” Investigator License State Exam Preparation

The governing Body for PI’s in Florida is the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing.  They oversee all of the licensure process within the state of Florida and when you are ready to take the Florida “C” Investigator test for licensure, contact them to set up an appointment for testing.

From the Department of Agriculture, here is a summary of the test and the questions asked -- The Private Investigator Examination covers those parts of Florida law that deal directly with the business practices of the private investigative industry and the legal responsibilities of the individuals and agencies that work in that industry (sections 493.6100 through 493.6203, and section 493.6301(5), Florida Statutes). A copy of Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, and the Private Investigator Handbook are included with the application package to help you prepare for the exam.

A potential investigator must pass the test prior to submitting an application for the Florida “C” license.  The test consists of 100 question and you will have up to two (2) hours to complete the test.

NITA’s Florida Examination Preparation Training Course consists of the following:

  • Links and documents regarding Florida Statues 493, 790
  • Links and documents for the Florida Administrative Code 5N-1
  • Links to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Application process and Licensure information
  • Testing information and FAQ's
  • Multiple quizzes to enhance exam preparation

NITA’s Testing with in the course provides over 200 questions to assist the potential investigator with mastery of the rules and regulations that are covered on the Florida “C” Examination.

NITA’s test preparation includes

  • Over 50 questions covering FL 493 and Administrative Code 5N-1
  • Over 20 questions regarding FL 790 and Firearms
  • Approximately 100 questions on General Investigative Knowledge
  • And a Final Examination and Review with over 50 questions to re-enforce the materials taught.

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