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Five Traits Clients Look for in a Private Investigator

People are oftentimes unsure if they can trust those around them. Many have suspicions that a work associate is misbehaving, or that their spouse is no longer loyal. In these cases, it’s natural and beneficial to hire a private investigator.

Like with any other service, those who do pursue the services of a private investigator will want to make sure that the detective they’re hiring is right for the job. Therefore, it is essential to check for these critical traits and qualities to see if they’re the right choice.


Trust is the most vital thing between a client and their private investigator. Online reviews and a background check can help one make sure the person they’re hiring is honest and has a good track record. A good investigator has respect for the confidentiality of previous cases but should still provide individuals with referrals upon request. Individuals must also be honest with their agent, allowing them to feel comfortable talking about intimate details.


A good private investigator is a creative one. They must come up with innovative solutions to gather enough evidence to solve a case. They find ways to be covert when tracking a lead. When talking to suspects, they craft questions in a manner that won’t blow their cover. Potential clients can ask their PI about their methods during the initial meeting,


Friendliness allows investigators to hide in plain sight. It helps them appear harmless, earning the trust of suspects, allowing PIs to gather information without suspicion. The ability to talk to people is necessary when sleuthing.


Quality private investigators love their job. They are motivated to solve cases and will take the time needed to study case details. Passionate investigators are driven to find new approaches to tough circumstances. This will become apparent with how they approach the case and fulfill clients’ needs.


Private investigation isn’t straightforward. One must painstakingly gather evidence and make sense of the data. Dedicated private investigators are persistent and continually monitoring cases to avoid missing vital clues. When interviewing a PI, potential clients often ask how they operate, how they handle evidence, if they’ve ever faced a dangerous situation, and so on.

When looking for a career in private investigation, it is important to understand personality traits that a private investigator employer is looking for. Are you interested in pursuing a career as a private investigator? Beginning your journey to obtaining your PI License online is just a few clicks away. Enroll now to begin or build upon your professional PI career with state approved online training courses. Contact the National Investigative Training Academy at (866) 235-7918 to learn more and receive a free consultation.

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