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Happy National Private Investigator (PI) Day

Happy National Private Investigator (PI) Day


National PI Day

Today, July 24, marks National Private Investigator (PI) Day. National PI Day is a time dedicated to celebrate the contributions of licensed Private Investigators. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate the value of professional Private Investigators to the public. After all, Private Investigators provide a fundamental and vital role in society today.

The July 24 holiday commemorates the birth year of Eugene Francois Vidocq, the very first Private Investigator who founded the first known detective agency in 1833. Vidocq’s birthday is on July 24. His legendary reputation is credited greatly with shaping the way law enforcement and investigations are carried out today.

More than 80,000 Private Investigator professionals across the United States will observe the holiday. These professional in the United States will also be joined by their international Private Investigator colleagues. Today, we say THANK YOU to all those who have made the commitment to serve as a Private Investigators.

Professional Private Investigators often find themselves working with attorneys, families, law enforcement officials, insurance companies, business owners and others. Their scope of services can vary greatly, but can include conducting background checks, finding missing persons, reuniting families, preventing fraud and abuse, and more.

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