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Here’s How Smart Home Technology Can Protect You, According to Private Investigators

Whether in a suburb or a sprawling metropolis, personal safety and protecting your possessions are concerns wherever you live. Bikes are stolen, packages are swiped, and cars are broken into in all sorts of neighborhoods. However, the technology that we have access to in today’s digital age can provide a level of protection that wasn’t possible for most people a decade ago. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of smart home technology to protect you and deter criminal behavior with the following ideas from private investigative professionals.

4 Innovative Ways Technology Can Protect Your Home

1.   Home Automation When You’re Away

Home automation that powers electronics and lights in and around your home provides a layer of protection that vacant homes lack. Smart home hubs are mobile apps or physical devices that can connect to all smart home devices.

A criminal is highly unlikely to disturb a home that they believe to be occupied. Smart home devices can be programmed to emulate someone watching TV, listening to music, turning on the lights—all automated and customized to optimal times so you don’t have to think about it while you’re away.

2.   Smart Doorbells Offer a Wide-Angle View

In years past, we would check the peephole or peek through a nearby window to see who was standing on our doorsteps. Today, thanks to smart doorbells, we can be notified when someone approaches our front doorstep and even communicate through a two-way audio control that can catch someone with ill intentions off guard.

With a wide-angle view equipped on most smart doorbells, you’ll know exactly when your packages are delivered and who walks in front of your property, up your driveway, or on your doorstep the moment it happens. The best part is that many smart doorbells can be set up in minutes without intricate wiring and complicated power sources.

3.   Neighborhood Forums Keep You in the Local Loop

Curious about local criminal activity or want to keep up on local garage sales? Try joining your community’s neighborhood forum to stay informed, report illegal activity, and collaborate with other locals in your community. Popular platforms like Nextdoor and community Facebook groups allow individuals across the nation the opportunity to connect with their local neighbors and have extra peace of mind when out of town.

4.   Understand Criminals Can Look Unsuspecting

Criminals can be masters of disguise, and sometimes you have to be suspicious of a person who looks innocent or as if they’re just doing their job. Looks can be deceiving, and it’s not uncommon for a supposed mail carrier, census worker, flyer distributor, or door-to-door salesperson to steal packages in plain sight. Crime can happen at home or in public. Be careful to avoid letting your guard down at restaurants, gyms, and health spas when your possessions are not locked up or on your person.

Reports of theft occurring at yoga studios, for example, have surfaced as women acting as customers waiting on a friend have entered the lobby and walked out with phones, purses, and wallets—even when the entry is supervised. You never know what can happen when you least expect it.

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Using smart home technology can work wonders to defend your home and deter criminal activity. However, while it can provide a protection for your property and possessions, it is essential to keep aware of your surroundings and not grow complacent as a result of overdependence on this technology. At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), you can learn directly from experienced investigative professionals in our online courses designed for 100% student satisfaction.

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