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How Do Private Investigators Use Different Types of Software?

Every career field has evolved thanks to technology, and Private Investigation is no different. Think about how much information individuals regularly share online. From broadcasting their location to tagging friends, the digital world has made it easier than ever to find intelligence. Apps not only make it easier to dig up certain facts and files, but are often useful for the business aspects of the job, like keeping track of hours and organizing information for cases.

Tech is an integral part of this business. Private Investigators use a variety of computer software, mobile apps, and online search tools to perform their jobs effectively.

Private Investigator Online Resources

Private Investigator software uses different features to help investigators with their tasks. Some are free, but the best ones usually have a subscription fee.

Some apps can help with:

  • Conducting general online research
  • Downloading documents and preparing court cases
  • Managing your different business operations like billing and customer contact information
  • Searching different public record databases for information on their suspect or target
  • Actual communication with witnesses, clients, and other business partners

Case management software is designed to help Private Investigators manage the different information that they have collected on their cases. Most of the latest case management solutions have a cloud base, which will allow investigators to access their software from different devices. It is especially useful for law offices and larger Private Investigation firms that might have multiple Private Investigators who need access to specific information.

Public Records Search Databases and Online Background Checks

Several companies can run background checks online, and these online sources can aggregate billions of public records without the investigator having to track down hard copies of different reports for their cases. A few of the services that online companies provide include access to addresses, background searches, criminal records, and more. You can download these search programs through any Apple or Android device. Remember that the better services come with a fee, as any free service like this usually won’t get you the complete information.

Mobile Phone Tracking Software

This type of software was designed to allow people to monitor cell phone usage remotely. It can capture things like text messages, GPS locations, pictures and videos, social media use, and outgoing and incoming calls. Keep in mind that most bugging is illegal, and even if you discover evidence because of GPS tracking, it may not be usable in court. Being able to access these private files often requires a warrant from a judge, so it’s best to stay away from tracking services, no matter how tempting they seem.

Computer Forensic Tools and Other Tools

This type of software and tools are designed to help investigators extract different times of information and data off of people’s mobile devices, PCs, and laptops.

There are many other types of software that investigators can use to help make their jobs easier, like:

  • Sex Offender Search – This allows them to search to see any criminals and predators in their area.
  • Facial Recognition – These types of systems are used to help analyze facial features to help identify people.
  • Genealogy Search – This type of search allows investigators to find out more information about a suspect’s family tree, relatives, and basic family history.

Just like everything else, some services and programs claim to be able to provide things like free background checks and other information, but their data is either incorrect, incomplete, or false, which is not helpful to serious Private Investigators.

How to Become a Private Investigator

If you’re looking to take pre-licensing courses to become a Private Investigator or want to improve your knowledge with continuing education, call the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. Our online courses can improve your knowledge of the digital aspects in this career field, opening up new job options for a brighter future. Dial 866-235-7918 to learn more about how to become a licensed Private Investigator in Florida.

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