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How Private Investigators Can Help Businesses During the COVID-19 Shutdown

During the COVID-19 crisis, businesses deemed non-essential across the country had to close their doors and keep their companies afloat while working from home. As a result, some have had to alter their entire business strategy or close their doors forever. Work restrictions caused by COVID-19 have also impacted Private Investigators, and many are working from home in a limited capacity.

However, there appears to be an emerging need for Private Investigators’ specialized services for global companies who do not have physical bodies in business locations strewn around the world. International businesses and brand owners have been critically affected by increased threats of data breaches, trademark infringement, counterfeit products, and on-site property damage. Private Investigators are needed now more than ever to monitor trademark or brand infringement, assist with enforcement measures, and surveillance to ensure the safety of business properties. 

How Are Global Shutdowns from COVID-19 Impacting Trademark Professionals?

Trademark and brand owners have a challenging time thwarting counterfeit products and replicas from the market, even with standard regulations in place. In the current environment, counterfeit goods are on the rise with the increased use of online shopping with little monitoring from trading standards as COVID-19 has caused any non-essential work to suspend or operate from home. According to Ron Harrison, president of the Association of British Investigators (ABI),

“The counterfeit situation will undoubtedly get worse, these people do not have any boundaries – and we are certainly much more busy online for our clients than we would normally be.”

If brands don’t take preventive measures now, they run the risk of being overwhelmed with the onslaught of fakes in the months ahead. Personal investigative operations are needed now more ever than in trademark professions to protect the integrity of brands’ products.

How Are Worldwide Shutdowns from COVID-19 Impacting Business Owners as A Whole?

When business owners around the world were forced to close up shop, their brick-and-mortar locations became at higher risk of exposure to criminal activity. Businesses need effective video surveillance systems to ensure their properties are protected and safe. Surveillance of the property, building, and employees working on-site is essential to safeguard every aspect of a business.

While staying home whenever possible to prevent the spread of COVID, surveillance and security solutions must be monitored online. While small business owners may have enough time to watch camera footage for one location, business owners with multiple locations need professional surveillance solutions to keep their properties protected.

What Private Investigative Services Do Businesses Need During the COVID-19 Shutdown?

Trademark professionals and business owners must be prepared to manage and adjust to the development of internet-based services replacing in-person services, even as the economy opens back up. There are numerous ways that Private Investigators can help brands and businesses adapt to these unprecedented demands. 

Brand Owners 

Because so many trading standards and brand protection authorities that regulate counterfeit products are not fully operational on IP crime, many Private Investigators are needed to fill in the gaps. Online sales being at an all-time high has made credible Private Investigators able to use robust identities and make online purchases that withstand evidential scrutiny. These capabilities are very much in demand during the pandemic.  

 This trademark infringement investigative work consists of:

  • Gathering intelligence on online sellers
  • Fashioning online test purchases
  • Preparing evidence packages to send to authorities

When lockdown measures are relaxed, and brand protection authorities are fully functioning, trademark professionals will want to have these evidence packages ready to submit to avoid a further delay in preventing manufacturers from creating counterfeit products. 

Business Owners 

Business owners require Private Investigators’ skills to prevent theft and boost business security. Companies that permit a limited number of employees to work on-site need surveillance to monitor employee productivity and compliance with company regulations. Should a crime be committed, this surveillance and security offer valuable evidence to support a criminal investigation.  

 Surveillance and investigation services consist of:

  • Monitoring camera footage for multiple properties
  • Surveilling employees on-site to prevent theft
  • Surveilling properties for security

Businesses are not only hiring investigative professionals for this work, but the need for credible, reputable, and experienced Private Investigators who know how to perform these tasks effectively online has never been greater. 

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