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How Private Investigators Suggest You Protect Your Network from Hackers

As individuals work remotely or online now more than ever, the threat of your network and sensitive information becoming hacked is all too present. Private Investigators are increasingly hired each year to help individuals and businesses affected by cybercriminals who have broken into their computer and network systems, thus gaining access to contacts and sensitive personal information. 

The good news is there are tools and methods you can adopt to improve network security. Learn how experienced Private Investigators suggest you protect your network from hackers.

How Can I Protect Myself from Network Hacking?

In today’s digitally driven world, Private Investigators’ services entail probes of sophisticated network and social media hacking. However, there are steps you can take now that can significantly lower the chances of having to deal with such unpleasant situations in the future. While some hackers use advanced special programs to bypass a network’s firewall and security features, most use more straightforward techniques such as clickbait and phishing attacks that everyone can avoid.

Tips for Enhanced Information Security 

When it comes to protecting your information from cyber threats, the password you choose plays a key role in anything you do on the Internet. Keep these rules in mind when creating passwords:

  • Do not choose commonly used and simple passwords that are easy to guess, like abc123, qwerty, password1, and welcome. Also, resist the urge to use your name, username, or any combination of those names and numbers for your password.
  • Avoid using password dates that correspond with life dates related to yourself or your family, friends, or significant other. Anniversaries and birthdays are always a terrible choice for protecting your information online.


When choosing your password, experienced Private Investigators recommend using a meaningless combination of numbers, letters, and symbols that cannot be deciphered with a little background information that cybercriminals can find on your social media or other databases.

Advice on How to Protect Against Password Cracking

Password cracking in the world of cryptanalysis involves the process of retrieving passwords from information that has been stored within or broadcasted by a computer system. Hackers will commonly decrypt passwords by repetitive guesses based on your personal information and verifying them against an obtainable cryptographic hash or digital footprint.

Protect against password cracking by creating strong passwords. To do this, you need a combination of at least eight letters combined with numbers and symbols, like dollar signs and exclamation points. Consider these tips when creating and protecting your password from being cracked:

  • Do not store your passwords in your phone, text files, or write them down on paper
  • Do not click on links sent to you via SMS messaging, instant messages, or emails
  • Run antivirus software for spyware on both your computer and smartphone regularly
  • Do not run on your computer’s Administrative account to prevent malware


Following these tips will provide substantial protection from your password being cracked so you can avoid dealing with the unpleasant experience of a network hack.

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