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How to Become a Private Investigator or Detective

If you’re reading this, there is a strong possibility that you or someone you know has an interest in the field of private investigations or detective work… and for good reason! The field of Private Investigations is versatile and growing.

What Private Investigators Do Today

Private investigation is a highly respected field that has evolved significantly in the last decade. Private Investigators now serve as contractors for law enforcement, cyber crime, surveillance and human resource teams. The services they provide are broad ranging, and can include everything from investigations into marital infidelity and missing persons, to the use of computer forensics to solve cases related to financial fraud or exploitation.

Where Private Investigators Are Working Now 

Private investigators most often work for private investigation agencies or operate their own independent firms. They often work on a contract basis for both public and private sector clients, and almost always hold a state license permitting them to conduct legal investigations and surveillance with impunity. Since a state licensing and regulatory body often oversees the field of private investigations, becoming a PI means meeting state-specific requirements for licensure.

New Opportunities For Private Investigators

There are many exciting work opportunities within a variety of dynamic environments that are both challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re seeking to specialize in digital investigations, family matters, background investigations, surveillance, business disputes or insurance fraud investigations, the opportunities for employment are endless.


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