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Is a Career as a Private Investigator Right for Me?

If the thought of a desk job bores you to tears and you love solving puzzles and mysteries, then a career as a Private Investigator might be the right fit for you. Far from Hollywood’s portrayal of flashy cars, adrenaline-pumping car chases, and glamorous locales, being a Private Investigator requires diligence, intelligence, and hard work. Here are a few thoughts if you are considering the lifestyle of a Private Investigator:

You Like Getting to the Bottom of Things

The core duty of a Private Investigator is to gather facts. These cases can be civil or criminal, but your clients are private citizens or businesses, often law firms and insurance companies. Fact gathering takes many forms, from internet and document searches to witness interviews and surveillance.

You Find 9-5 Schedules Boring

The work schedule of a Private Investigator can be erratic at times and outside of the normal 9-5 hours. As an Investigator, having a set schedule is difficult since you may be required to meet with witnesses on their schedules, which could include evening or weekend hours.  Additionally, as an Investigator, your hours will include surveillance investigations that run longer than expected or your research and investigation might require additional travel. The upside to this schedule can include tremendous flexibility with the rest of your time. You’ll never suffer from the doldrums of a 9-5 schedule.

You Have Patience

Patience is something you need to have in abundance when considering a career in investigations. You might be required to sit in one place for hours conducting surveillance or asked to read piles of monotonous documents. All of these activities will need you to have patience and will be necessary for your successful career. Skills such as sustained observational awareness and critical thinking are definitely essential when considering an investigative career choice.

You Enjoy a Bit of Excitement

Just because fact-finding entails some concentrated studying doesn’t mean it won’t at some point be risky, or even exciting. The subjects of an investigation can sometimes react with hostility toward Private Investigators and witnesses might be aggressive when you are asking personal questions that affect their claim or livelihood.  Working with individual subjects during interviews or high-profile surveillance cases can lead to higher excitement within your career choice. 

As a Private Investigator, you can work in a variety of settings depending on what specialization you choose. A few possibilities are accident reconstruction, crime scenes, financial, forensic, insurance fraud, divorce, child custody, and others. While much of it can be challenging, a career as a licensed Private Investigator can be personally rewarding as well.

Your interest in this growing field shows you may be making the right choice to become a Private Investigator. Contact an enrollment counselor today to learn more about how an online school can help you become a licensed Private Investigator and fulfill your career goals.

With flexible online training programs, Investigative professionals can begin learning right away at their own pace. This allows students to finish their training on their own schedule and take their investigative careers even further.

NITA’s course training for Private Investigators was developed, modeled, and designed by the experienced faculty and staff of the National Investigative Training Academy.  This progressive curriculum offers Private Investigators real-world investigative and business experience while using this program to further their education and careers.

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The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. is an online provider of State-and Board-approved Private Investigator training classes. Our comprehensive online training programs offer a convenient and flexible method to achieve investigative career goals. Our memberships with organizations like the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, Florida Association of Private Investigators,  and the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators, Inc. demonstrate our commitment to providing the best resources and techniques available for Private Investigators through our training programs.

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