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Make Security your First Priority When Event Planning

Organizing a public event, whether for work or pleasure, means taking responsibility for countless details. On top of arranging entertainment, selecting a venue, and renting equipment, providing security for the event is essential. While you don’t want guests to feel intimidated, you need to ensure their safety. Consider the following when planning your event so that your guests are protected.

Develop an Emergency Response Plan

The first thing you want to do is develop an actionable response plan that assigns specific tasks to your staff. Without a plan in place, chaos may erupt and create a dangerous situation, so giving each person something to do will help minimize panic. Primarily, assign a “communications person” who is responsible for calling for service personnel, such as police and ambulances. You may want to ask several people to handle the crowd. Any staff members trained in first aid should handle emergency situations until help arrives.

Make Sure Guests Can Identify Staff Members

Avoiding an emergency is possible when guests know who is there to help. If they see a suspicious person or an unattended package, they must be able to quickly identify security guards or Private Investigators. If you hire guards for the event, have at least one occupy a clearly labeled visitor booth. If the affair is smaller, request that they dress in uniforms or matching suits so that attendees can single them out. If you choose to hire a Private Investigator, have him or her wear a visible badge or emblem.

Prepare for Crowd Reactions to Guest Speakers

If you’re organizing a lecture or conference, you should be aware that specific topics and some well-known lecturers might attract protesters, which requires crowd control. If the subject is controversial enough, someone may decide to launch a physical attack. This may cause the audience to panic. Security must keep guests under control. Station security guards at key locations throughout the area, possibly managed by a supervisor or Private Investigator.

In today’s society, people can become easily upset over situations that you might not think are volatile. Panicked crowds can be dangerous, causing property damage, injuries, and even the loss of life. While you can’t prevent a crisis, training your staff to respond the right way is the key to keeping the situation from escalating. Experienced security staff can make sure your event is a safe one, so your guests can focus on enjoying themselves.

Hire Security Professionals Educated by NITA

A licensed security professional who has received education from the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) has access to the resources and knowledge of former Army Rangers, Snipers, SWAT, Tier 1, SOCOM and LEO personnel. Our unique State-and Board-certified curriculum gives trainees the opportunity to be up to date on all modern and pertinent security practices. With flexible hours and extensive resources, enrolling in NITA’s security programs can boost your career in security. Contact NITA or call 1-800-730-NITA to learn more.

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