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Mike W. – Georgia Private Investigator Spotlight

Mike W. – Georgia Private Investigator Spotlight


There are few individuals quite as ambitious as those who fully dedicate themselves to following their passions. For Mike, a widowed father who won’t let anything slow him down, a career in Private Investigation made sense as the right next step in his career pursuits. Meet Georgia Private Investigator Mike W.


Well aligned with his background in the security industry, Mike decided to heed the recommendation of a friend when he made the decision to enroll in the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA)’s 70-hour course for Georgia Basic PI Training Course.


“The course material was easy to understand and the online aspect of the program made it exceptionally convenient for me,” Mike said. “Plus, NITA’s staff was always readily available to walk me through any and all questions I had.”


Georgia Basic PI Training Course (70 hours) is an online course designed for the training of Private Investigators in the state of Georgia in accordance with the Georgia Private Detective and Security Agencies Act. In Georgia, all private detectives working in Georgia need to be registered as an employee of a private detective business, be it as a sole proprietor, as the manager of your own company, or with another agency.


At NITA, we pride ourselves on maintaining 100% student satisfaction. Here is what sets NITA apart:



“I would absolutely recommend NITA’s course to those who are seeking licensure as a Private Investigator in the state of Georgia,” Mike concluded. “They are simply the best.”

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