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Originally published by Fenix Strategies

Guest Blogger Aaron Gochnaur:

As the most junior advisor on board at Fenix Strategies, I am constantly learning (like everyone should), while still actively instructing and advising clients with the team. We pull our knowledge from different branches of the military and Law Enforcement, but no matter the task, goal or challenge we all agree the MINDSET is the key.

What is the Importance of Your Daily Mindset?

The MINDSET must be POSITIVE. The last thing a team member needs to hear is a “Debbie Downer” pulling the group down and filling them with doubt when there is an obstacle ahead.

The MINDSET must be RESILIENT. There will always be speed bumps in life, from the boardroom to the battlefield. FIGHT ON!

The MINDSET must be ADAPTIVE. In life different mindsets will be necessary in any clime or place it takes you. My more aggressive mindset from the football field and Parris Island will vary from the frame of mind needed to raise young children.

So with a POSITIVE, RESILIENT and ADAPTIVE MINDSET half the battle is won!

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Fenix Strategies was founded to provide a full spectrum approach to all aspects in life, from Individual Weapons Training and CWP Courses to Active Shooter Planning and Resilience Training helpful in any profession, but it all starts and ends with your MINDSET.

Aaron Gochnaur

Fenix Strategies Instructor/Adviser

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