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NITA Affiliate Spotlight – Marvin Blue, Jose Irizarry, and IPC Investigations


NITA Affiliate Spotlight: Marvin Blue, Jose Irizarry, and IPC Investigations


The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) is premier online investigative training academy offering state-approved licensing and continuing education classes. NITA’s team is committed to providing students with state-approved, enjoyable and rewarding online learning experiences.


On Friday, we had the opportunity to sit down with Marvin Blue, a NITA graduate, and Jose Irizarry, owner of IPC Investigations, to find out why their team has selected NITA as the firm’s investigative training partner.


IPC Investigations was founded by Jose Irizarry, a United States Marine, Criminal Justice Professor and a retired law enforcement officer, who now manages the full service private investigator agency out of his office in Orange City, Florida. Fully insured and licensed in the state of Florida, IPC investigations specializes in civil, corporate, legal, and insurance investigations.


Jose and Marvin, thanks for taking the time to join us. We’ll start with you, Jose. What made you decide to become a Private Investigator?

After a career spanning several decades in law enforcement, I felt it was time for a change. I’m definitely a hands-on type of guy, so I knew my next career step needed to reflect the same thing. To be honest, one day I just woke up and told myself, “I think I want to be a PI.”


What’s the best thing about being a private investigator?

You have the ability to work for yourself and set your own hours. You can also decide to specialize in what interests you most. For me, I really enjoy the executive protection side of private investigations.


What would you tell other students who may be interested in the field of private investigations?

Go for it! You don’t have to waste your time your time racking up $20-30k in debt, either. Instead, explore schools like NITA that will allow you to complete all required steps toward licensure in much less time and with much less money. Marvin is a perfect example!


Marvin, What did you like most about NITA?

NITA’s team was very responsive and student-centered. Sandra helped me enroll in the course and ensured it was a seamless process. I am also a full-time student at Florida Technical College and had a bad accident shortly after beginning the program. NITA’s team was exceptionally supportive in guiding my steps toward completion of my course. I’m proud to say that I’m now a licensed Private Investigator.


Congratulations! Many people might be afraid to pursue courses with NITA because they’re afraid they won’t find a job after graduation. What would you say to those individuals?

To those individuals I would say this: You can’t let fear and uncertainty hold you back from the career of your dreams. One of the things I like most about NITA is the administration’s commitment to connecting people within the industry. There’s also a huge need for licensed private investigators. I found my job by walking into Jose’s office to see if they were hiring investigators. It turned out they were! It just goes to show that you don’t know until you try!


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