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NITA Private Investigator Student Spotlight: Zachary O.


NITA Private Investigator Student Spotlight: Zach O.

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) is committed to providing students with state-approved, enjoyable and rewarding online learning experiences. NITA’s courses allow students to accelerate their careers in the field of private investigations. Today, we had the opportunity to interview Zach Oswalt, a recent NITA graduate, regarding his experiences with the program.

Unlike many of the students we have interviewed in the past, Zach said going to school to become a Private Investigator was not always something he wanted to do. However, an early curiosity in espionage piqued his interest in the field.

Finding a Private Investigator Mentor

Josh, a mentor of Zach’s and licensed Private Investigator him, invited Zach for a ride along. Zach kept an open mind

“He opened my eyes into what it really entails,” Zach said. “It’s not always what you see in the movies.”

Zach has become NITA’s youngest student to complete NITA’s online program for Private Investigators. Though his long term goal is to become an EMT paramedic and PA, Zach is eager to maintain licensure as a PI and continue to assist others with their surveillance goals and investigative needs.

Favorite Part of NITA’s Programs

His favorite part about NITA’s program? The online nature of the courses.

“I can’t tell you how good it felt when I found out that I could do it online,” Zach said when describing NITA’s curriculum. “I live in Ocala and this was truly the best possible option for me.”

Though the online component of the program and the cost-effective pricing compelled him to enroll, it was his interactions with the staff that made his experience over the top.

“You can tell the staff really care about you and I haven’t found any other program that even compares in terms of customer service,” Zach said. “You’re not just a number for NITA.”

NITA’s Programs Recommended

All in all, Zach said he would recommend NITA’s program to others and looks forward to sharing his positive experience with his friends.

“If someone were to express interest in NITA’s program, I would definitely tell them to pursue NITA,” he added. “You get to do it at your own pace, online, and you have a whole team to support you along the way. That just seals the deal for me.”

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