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NITA Student Spotlight: Barrie B.

NITA Student Spotlight: Barrie B.

Barrie has always been on a quest for knowledge and justice. After leaving behind an impressive career in advertising to care for an ailing loved one in a less urban area, Barrie began exploring new professional avenues.


The idea of becoming a Private Investigator initially came in the form of a tip from a friend. Always on a quest for knowledge, Barrie decided to explore the possibility. Further research led Barrie to the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA)


We recently had the opportunity to connect with Barrie to learn more about her experience with NITA’s online courses for Private Investigators.


When researching online courses for Private Investigators, what differentiated NITA’s program from others you had considered?

“I was first directed to NITA’s program from the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) website. I was impressed with NITA’s course material and organization of the site. Ultimately, it was the fact that NITA’s courses were competitively priced and state-approved that led me to believe I was making the right decision.”


Congratulations on your completion of The Florida Investigator “CC” Intern Course! Is there anything you would like to tell others about the course or wish that you had known beforehand?

“Not only did the course provide a broad understanding regarding investigations, but it also delivered a breakdown of the various specializations among Private Investigators. I was most impressed to see the theme of ethics and integrity in private investigations woven throughout the course material.”


Would you recommend NITA’s course to others who are considering private investigations as a career path?

“Absolutely! There’s a lot to learn. Field collection, for example, was a topic that had never before occurred to me but was a fascinating area of study. As you begin learning the material, it definitely helps to take good notes!”



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