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NITA Student Spotlight: Kimberly N.

NITA Student Spotlight: Kimberly N.

Student Spotlight (Kim M)
At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), our staff is entirely committed to student success. We have have watched hundreds of students come through our online “doors” and have enjoyed helping them navigate their educational path. We are always delighted to hear from alumni once they have completed their course work.

Most recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Kimberly N., a NITA graduate, to learn more about her experience with the course and see how she plans to use her knowledge to advance her career.


Thanks for speaking with us, Kimberly! How did you first become interested in becoming a Private Investigator?

“I have long held an interest in forensics, but I am most passionate about seeking justice for those who have been victimized.  I was spurred to pursue a career in the industry when I was personally provoked by the insurance industry. I am eager to use my own business, Effective Investigation Services, to provide answers to others who may be seeking justice.


How did you first learn about NITA? 

“I was first tipped off to NITA’s courses from a trusted friend. Though I had been searching for courses specifically related to Private Investigator training, I had not yet come across NITA’s online program. Once my friend referred me to NITA, I went straight to the website for more information. The price was right, so I began the enrollment process.”


What’s next in your career?

“In my career, I hope to provide justice for those who deserve it. Specifically, I’d like to assist elderly victims who may not otherwise have advocates campaigning on their behalf. As a next step, I’m looking forward to pursuing my master’s degree in paralegal studies.”


What would you tell others about NITA’s program?

“I would absolutely recommend NITA’s program to anyone who is seeking to develop his or her career in the field. The course materials provided comprehensive information for pre-licensing and I was exceptionally pleased with the convenience it offered. The class couldn’t have been better.  I’m 52. If I can do it, then you can do it.”


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