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NITA Student Spotlight: JD

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Though he began his career in the military, JD’s professional trajectory evolved into security and protective services. Most recently, he felt called to explore the field of investigations. His colleagues, many of whom are licensed PIs themselves, supported the idea. They pointed him to the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), where JD enrolled in NITA’s Florida Investigator “CC” Intern Course.

JD was kind enough to speak with our team about his experiences with the program. “There were a lot of people around me – some that I work with and some outside of the company –  who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and further my career in the field,” he said. “It turned out to be the best advice I could have received.”

Though he worked full-time, JD decided to take advantage of NITA’s immediate enrollment and chose to pursue the program while maintaining his day job.

“The most challenging aspect of the program was working at the same time, which made it more difficult to find time to digest the material and study it well enough,” JD said. “Fortunately, the entire course can be taken online and I was able to complete the course with my iPhone, so this allowed me to study while I was on my breaks.”

When asked whether or not the program was what he had expected, JD answered without hesitation. “There were no surprises!” he said.

JD added, “Though the material can get pretty dense at times, you just have to take it one chapter at a time. If you pay attention and take good notes, students should have no trouble finding success in their experience.”

As far as next steps, JD shared with us that his most important goal was to find the right sponsor and the right employer, one who stands behind their people. “I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve found that company,” he added.

Before we wrapped the interview, I asked JD if he had any advice for others who may be interested in exploring a career in the field as well.

“To others, I would say ‘If you want something – if you really want it – jump in with both feet. Don’t be afraid! It’s only going to further you along in your career.’”

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