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Georgia Security State Exam Prep


Review the required study material to successfully pass the Georgia Security State Examination. Study all recommended materials including the GA Code, Chapter 509, and laws governing security guards in Georgia. NITA offers multiple quizzes throughout the training to enhance your learning experience and prepare you for the state licensure exam.

This dynamic training is offered 100% online and 100% on-demand. Study on your own time and your own schedule. Enroll TODAY!

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Course Outline
  1. NITA Course Introduction
  2. Georgia Private Detective and Security Agencies Board Links and Information
  3. Chapter 509 and Rules Governing the Profession
  4. Georgia Code as it applies to Security Guards
  5. Testing information from PSI
  6. Multiple quizes to enhance exam preparation

Course Description

To be a licensed Private Security Professional in the state of Georgia, you need a thorough understanding of the ethical standards, legal regulations, and practical business requirements that guide your profession. This program offers a comprehensive review of the topics and information you need to know to successfully complete the Georgia Security Guard Exam.

The course curriculum starts by walking you through the application and testing processes so you’ll know what to expect. From there, you’ll review the Georgia Code for Security Professionals, paying particular attention to Title 43, Chapter 38, which covers the state rules for running a Private Security business.

This NITA course also features review quizzes that offer three times as many questions as you’ll find on the exam, so you can be sure that you’re retaining the information as you go. Additionally, the course also includes links to a wide array of external resources that can help you prepare for the state exam.

Like all NITA courses, this training is available online, and on-demand so you can study and learn whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

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