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Oregon Private Investigator

Training Requirements

Governing Agency
Oregon Private Investigators are regulated by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). For additional information about state regulations, procedures, and training requirements, click here.

Licensing Laws
In Oregon, Private Investigators must be licensed under PI ORS 703 and PI OAR 61.

  • 3 references and 1500 hours of experience
  • If no experience, provisional license (less than 1500 hours)
  • Both have to complete PI-27 code of ethics form
  • Must pass state-administered exam, open book with study guide

Continuing Education
Licensed Investigators in Oregon are required to take 32 hours of Continuing Education every two years, of which two hours need to be ethics. Provisional Investigators are required to complete 40 hours ever two years, of which two hours must be ethics.

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