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The Perks of Becoming a Private Investigator in Florida

Private Investigators help individuals and businesses obtain information. This information can help find a missing person, uncover fraud, or conclude a criminal investigation. It’s important to note that a Private Investigator isn’t a detective. A detective works for a law enforcement agency or a police department, while a Private Investigator is often self-employed and works for attorneys, individuals, government agencies, or Private Investigative Agencies.

If you are considering becoming a Private Investigator in Florida, you will need to obtain the state approved pre-licensing training. The state of Florida requires 40 hours of investigative training prior to applying to become a Private Investigator in Florida. You might be wondering if it’s worth continuing this type of work. Here are the top seven benefits of becoming a Private Investigator in Florida:

  1. Get Paid to Help People

The opportunity to help others is a motivating factor for many Private Investigators. The chance to help solve crimes, find missing persons, and provide security provides a strong sense of purpose.

  1. On-the-Job Excitement

During an investigation, you never know where a case will lead. One assignment might require spending time in a bar, while another might find you camped outside a hotel watching a suspect. Some jobs will be more thrilling than others, but there’s always diversity, which keeps you on your toes.

  1. A Professional Occupation

You’ll need the training to become a Private Investigator. Specifically, in Florida, you are required to complete a 40-hour training course prior to submitting your application. With the pre-licensing training, you will learn the required information needed to have a successful career and professional occupation. Interested in a new professional occupation? You can now get your Florida Certificate of Completion online and begin working immediately.

  1. You Can Work Alone

Working on a case often means working alone. Being a successful Private Investigator does require people skills. Your clients will have to trust you, and you’ll often have to question suspects. However, when you’re on assignment, you get to work alone, and that’s a huge plus for many people.

  1. A Good Second Career

Former police officers, insurance agents, paralegals, and lawyers often become Investigators. Retired military officers and investigative reporters also have the necessary skills to be successful Private Investigators. Having connections in the industry when you’re solving a difficult case is incredibly helpful, so many in the law enforcement field choose investigations as a second career and establish Private Investigative Agencies based on their prior career successes and experiences.

  1. Stability

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a rise in available opportunities. Increased public concern for security is partly to blame for this increase. Corporations are also more concerned about online and offline criminal activity, so they often hire Private Investigators to protect their business.

  1. Financial Security

Private Investigators have options. As a licensed Private Investigator, you may choose to work for a large company that offers a steady salary and regular hours. If you prefer to freelance, you can do that as well by starting a firm of your own. Working for yourself, you’re free to take on as many cases as you want, so your salary will be up to you.

If you’re still not sure, you can always talk to a professional in the field. They may even let you shadow them for a day to see if this is the type of job you want.

Salary Information for Private Investigators

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Private Investigators earned a median salary of $50,700 in 2017. The typical per-hour rate was $24.38. Investigators working for the government obtained the most, with an average income of $56,700 per year. Those in retail earned the least, with a yearly pay of $45,300.

Furthering your Private Investigation Education

Keep in mind that the more licenses and specializations you have, the better your career options will be. As a Private Investigator in Florida, you will have endless opportunities to take intriguing and challenging cases. If you’re already working in the field, you can add to your skill set by taking online classes with the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA).

NITA offers a wide selection of development courses aimed at refining the skill set of a working Private Investigator. Our training can also help you choose a specialty, so you can market yourself to higher-paying opportunities. Learn more about the simplicity of online education and become the Private Investigator you were born to be at NITA. For a free consultation, complete our contact form or call 1-800-730-NITA.

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