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Recognizing National PI Day on July 24, 2020

At The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), one day we look forward to celebrating each year is July 24th, the day that marks National Private Investigators (PI) Day. The work of Private Investigators has made significant impacts in society through the years, and this is a day to honor and respect the vital role that they play. Today, there are over 90,000 Private Investigators in the United States. As the world becomes more digital, and crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the need for knowledgeable investigative professionals has never been greater. 

What’s the History Behind National Private Investigators Day?

For over a century, private investigative work has been an essential component of law enforcement and crime-solving. Both National and International Private Investigators Day are celebrated on July 24th, the birthday of the first notable Private Investigator, Eugene Francois Vidocq. Once a French criminal, Vidocq founded the first known detective agency in 1833, named Le bureau des Renseignements (Office of Information). There, he supervised the work of other detectives and Private Investigators, many of whom were former criminals like himself. 

Historians recognize Vidocq as the “father of modern criminology.” 

He has been acknowledged for introducing invaluable facets to the field of criminal investigation, such as:

  • Criminology 
  • Record-keeping systems
  • Undercover work
  • Ballistics

While his techniques are now standard in criminal investigative work, his methods were innovative and original for his time. He’s credited as the creator of the first plaster cast impressions for shoe prints, indelible ink, and unalterable bond paper. Vidocq was also known to have a philanthropic side as he claimed never to pursue anyone who stole because they had a genuine need.  

What Influences Have Private Investigators Made Across the Nation?

The profession of the Private Investigator began with Eugene Francois Vidocq. As the industry has expanded through the years, Private Investigators are hired frequently by clients to perform high-level detective work that often includes finding missing persons, reuniting families, conducting background checks, preventing abuse and fraud, and much more.

Today, Private Investigators help in a variety of specialized disciplines that include fighting:

  • Cybercrime
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Trademark infringement
  • Human trafficking
  • Insurance fraud
  • Labor or trade disputes

Investigative work is necessary and in demand by lawyers, law enforcement officials, families, business owners, insurance companies, and more. Private investigative work has made massive impacts across the world. Today, the National Investigative Training Academy (NITA) joins over 90,000 Private Investigators across the country to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and commitment to serving this industry!

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