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Security Job Outlook: Why You Need Training to be a Security Guard in Georgia

It is essential now more than ever for security guards to receive the proper training before going out on the job in Georgia. Private security companies often ignore the need to adequately train their security guards and send them to perform a potentially dangerous job with little preparation, understanding, or experience to perform their duties effectively. 

At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA), we understand that professional training is necessary to equip security guards with the training and skill set they need to enter the private security industry and perform their duties well.

In Georgia, a plethora of businesses hire well-trained security guards, including banks, museums, hospitals, stores, nightclubs, and more. A security professional with ample training will outperform one with little training and will have a much easier time securing a position with these private sector businesses. For this reason and more, security professionals must be adequately trained before working in Georgia.

What are the Benefits of Security Professionals Receiving Proper Training in Georgia?  

There are a myriad of ways private businesses benefit from hiring trained security personnel. Some of those advantages include:

  • A private security professional who has been well-trained is more likely to catch a thief on the premises than one who was not trained. Scenario-based training teaches security guards observational skills that are required to identify and handle suspicious behavior.
  • A trained private security guard is well-equipped to operate surveillance machines and alarms that can be instrumental in stopping criminal activity.
  • Traffic control is a task many private security guards handle at some point in their careers. With training, they will learn how to control traffic most efficiently and perform this job with ease and effectiveness.
  • Security professionals who receive training understand the rules and regulations on Georgia’s arrest procedures. Should a situation that calls for an arrest arise, trained security professionals know how to preserve evidence and gather witness statements that can be useful in a criminal case. 
  • Trained security guards are more proficient and competent in their duties. That, in turn, allows them to better communicate and establish relationships with employers, companies, and clients that will give them an advantage over the competition. 

Private Companies in Georgia Save Money When Hiring Trained Security Guards 

Private companies hire security professionals to safeguard their businesses and bottom lines. Well-trained private security guards learn communication skills and how to operate efficiently to earn the loyalty and trust of employers and their customers. 

Private security guards who handle their job with proficiency while easily communicating with employers, colleagues and customers are often well-liked. Businesses notice what their customers like, and a security guard who is well-liked retains customers for that business. By keeping firms and customers happy, trained security guards have an excellent reputation in the industry and increase their employers’ profits. 

Trained Security Guards Reduces Private Companies’ Risk of Being Sued

Private companies want to hire trained security professionals because they help increase their profitability by reducing theft and reducing the risk of a lawsuit. With proper training, security guards learn what to do and what not to do when they must use force to detain a suspect of wrongdoing. Authorities who use excessive force not only suffer a bad reputation to the public and employers but also can be sued, resulting in adverse effects that can last years.

Additionally, security professionals who receive proper training are taught emergency response techniques that could save a person’s life in an emergency. When an accident occurs on-premises, trained security personnel can offer first aid that may save an injured person’s life, and protect the company from a wrongful death lawsuit.

Become a Trained Security Guard with Online Courses

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA), is a reliable source for security professionals’ online training courses. Each course offered by NITA is authored by industry experts and created to help security professionals advance their careers. When you enroll in courses with NITA, you will receive training to equip you for Georgia’s private sector and make you stand out from the competition like no one else. All of NITA’s courses are state-approved and backed by top industry professionals.

You can enroll in security training courses with NITA at any time. Our classes are flexible and convenient for working adults who want to take their security careers to the next professional level. Once enrolled, you have access to your course materials at all times and can complete your course at a pace that you’re comfortable with. To get started, complete our online contact form or call today at 866-235-7918.

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