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NITA Student Spotlight – Ken & Trish


NITA Student Spotlight –  Ken & Trish

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) is an online provider of state-approved Private Investigator training classes. We had the opportunity to speak with a husband and wife duo, who both completed NITA’s online training program for Private Investigators. They shared more about their experience with us in a recent interview:


Thanks for agreeing to participate in NITA’s spotlight. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“We are licensed Private Investigators who focus on locates, public records and surveillance. Recently we decided to focus on the ‘lighter side’ by finding lost loves and long lost relatives.  Bringing people together and making people happy is just great!”


Congratulations on being the first husband/wife duo to complete NITA’s online program. Did it help to have someone else going through the course along side of you?

“Wow! First husband/wife duo! Well, we didn’t do the course at the same time. I did it first a while ago and then Trish just recently completed it. Trish appreciated the fact that I had already been through it and recommended it.”


How did you become interested in the field of Private Investigations?

“Since we found that we are naturally pretty good at finding things, PI work was the next step in our career evolution.”


We know our students have a choice when it comes to private investigative training and education. What motivated you to enroll in NITA’s program?  

“NITA’s program was great because we could do it online when we had the time. This is MUCH more preferable than to drive to weekly courses.”


How would you describe your overall experience with the online curriculum?

“The course definitely helped familiarize us with Chapter 493. It really laid out the guidelines of what we can and can’t do. Knowing the law will protect us.”


Would you recommend NITA’s program to others?

“We would absolutely recommend NITA’s program as a way to get trained in PI basics!”


Anything else you would like to add to our spotlight? 

“Thank you for creating this online training. We looked around and found your program fit us best!”


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The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), an online provider of state-approved Private Investigator training classes, offers a variety of resources that can help you decide if private investigation would be a positive career choice. Learn more by calling 1-800-730-NITA (6482) or by exploring our course offerings.

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