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The Most Serious Investigations Handled by Private Investigators

While one might immediately think of the cheating spouse scenario when it comes to imagining a Private Investigator’s duties, that’s far from being the only type of case Investigators handle on a daily basis. In fact, Private Investigators can be called on during times of serious national crisis and can be hired specifically for their adept skills at research, surveillance, and detection. Here are a few of the more serious investigations that Private Investigators have solved in the past or have been a crucial part in solving.

Military Intelligence

Before the Secret Service came into existence, the U.S. Government relied on the help of well-known Private Investigators like Allan Pinkerton to assist the military. Pinkerton was appointed the first police detective in Chicago in 1849. The next year, Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency which still exists in Chicago as Pinkerton Consulting and Investigators. From creating inside assets, protecting the president, and gathering military intelligence, Private Investigators played a crucial role in the safety of the country for more than a century. 

Murder Investigations

It’s not uncommon for those who are close to a murder victim to hire a Private Investigator to help solve the case. This is especially true when the investigation goes on for too long without any arrests being made. Many police departments work with licensed Investigators to solve particularly complex murder cases. 

Finding Missing Persons

Missing person cases are a common type of investigation where Private Investigators can be hired. Private Investigators tend to be a big help when there are multiple issues going on within an investigation, and the attention of the police can get diverted to a bigger issue at hand.

For example, when a terrorist attack happens, there can be many victims. Each has a family that’s worried about their safety. Private Investigators are typically hired to track down what happened to loved ones while the police are dealing with the large mass of victims and the potential for additional attacks.

Are You Considering a Career as a Private Investigator?

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