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The Role Private Investigators Play in Investigating Cybercrime

The use and development of technology is one of the main things that make us human. Unfortunately, some people abuse technology and use it to commit harmful, even dangerous crimes against individuals and businesses across the globe. In 2018, nearly half of all businesses in the United States were victims of cybercrime. Furthermore, internet crimes are predicted to ring up a $6 billion bill by the year 2021.

When cyberattacks happen, Private Investigators play an integral role in helping to find and shut down whoever committed the crime. Here, we’re going to look at the specific role Private Investigators play in investigating cybercrimes and what your responsibilities might look like as a Private Investigator working in this field. 

What are Examples of Cybercrime?

There are a variety of criminal activities that fall under cybercrime. Some of the most common internet crimes across the globe include:

  • Data breaches
  • Stealing personal banking information from the internet
  • Scams created on fake websites
  • Internet theft
  • Electronic fraud

When a person commits cybercrime, it’s usually done through their computer or mobile device. Today, many people know the basic skills required to hack a website or gather sensitive data. Unfortunately, serious cyber crimes have become more common and the risks involved with these attacks are more severe.

What are the Common Signs Cybercrime Has Occurred?

The first element that Private Investigators get involved in regarding cybercrime is identification. Many Private Investigators are hired by companies and large corporations to monitor the online activity tied to their website or mobile device and identify warning signs of criminal activity. Some of the most common signs of cybercrime are:

  • Installation of malware
  • Request for personal information from a suspicious email address
  • Files that unexpectedly move
  • The creation of new passwords without consent
  • Unauthorized transactions on a bank account

Any time one of these actions gets identified, a Private Investigator must conduct a further investigation to see if it was related to criminal activity.  

How Do Private Investigators Find Cybercriminals?

Like any other crime, finding the people responsible for cybercrime is imperative to maintain a safe and orderly society. Today, the best Private Investigators are trained on how to investigate cybercrime and are often involved in very high-profile cases.

A Private Investigator will get to the bottom of the case in several ways. That can include:

  • Monitoring suspicious online activity
  • Conducting online data investigations
  • and identifying suspects. 

To do so, they need to understand how to use a variety of technological equipment and possess a strong knowledge of how the internet and internet security works. 

Understanding Cell Phone vs. Computer Forensics

There are multiple devices that criminals use to commit cybercrime. The two most common are cell phones and computers. The investigation methods being used today depend heavily on what type of device was used. Each requires separate investigative tools and have unique methods for storing data. There are separate laws for conducting an investigation on a cell phone vs. a computer.

Private Investigators who receive top training in their field, like the training provided by the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), are knowledgeable regarding the rules and regulations surrounding cybercrime investigations. In addition to conducting a criminal investigation, many Private Investigators with experience studying internet crimes can also inform you of the best methods of protection for your personal data and technology devices.

NITA Provides Online Training For Private Investigators

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