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Top #5 Tools For Protection For Security Professionals

Security professionals are employed by a variety of businesses and venues to provide safety to both people and property. In today’s society where public acts of violence and mass shootings are not uncommon, security professionals are more important than ever. To do their jobs properly and safely, they must carry appropriate protective equipment and tools.

If you’re interested in becoming a security professional or are looking to further your career, having the right equipment is essential. These 5 items are essential to a security professional’s success and are imperative to keeping yourself and others safe from harm.

Tactical Belt

Security professionals are required to carry a variety of tools and equipment to perform their job properly. Every tool a security professional carries must be easily accessible so they can use it in a moment’s notice. A toolbelt specifically designed for law enforcement, also known as a tactical belt, is the best way for security professionals to carry all of their protective equipment. Tactical belts have spots for keys, a mobile device, pepper spray, a flashlight, and any other items a security professional might need.

Lone Worker Alarm System

One of the primary functions of a security professional’s job is surveillance. To perform surveillance effectively, they often need to patrol on their own. One of the most important pieces of protective equipment a security professional can carry is a lone worker alarm system. If a security professional feels like their safety is being threatened, they can push this alarm to alert their team members or local law enforcement that they need assistance. A lone worker alarm should be easily accessible to a security professional in any situation – day or night.

Armored Vests

Security professionals often put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. Sometimes this means putting themselves in front of a bullet or other dangerous weapons. All security professionals should wear armored vests to protect themselves in a potential worst-case-scenario. The best-armored vests protect security professionals from:

  • Bullets
  • Knives
  • Ballistic Shrapnel

Having the right protective equipment, like an armored vest, makes it easier for a security professional to intervene in dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations. Any security professional who is responsible for patrolling large crowds, public events, or protecting important individuals should have an armored vest. 

Mobile Phone

The advanced technology found in modern mobile devices is amazing. Today, a security professional can have dozens of apps and tools at their fingertips thanks to mobile phones. Many security professionals use their phones to keep records, conduct surveillance, and keep in communication with the rest of their team throughout their shift. Furthermore, mobile phones can be used to send alerts to local law enforcement if a dangerous situation should arise.

Self-Defense Weapon

Every security professional should have a way to protect themselves. Depending on the type of security they’re providing, a security professional might need to carry a self-defense weapon such as a:

  • Firearm
  • Taser
  • Pepper Spray

Any security professional who carries a firearm must have the appropriate licensure and training to do so. Furthermore, while carrying it, they must abide by specific protocol regarding how and when to use it. 

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