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Top Protective Equipment for Security Professionals

Security professionals have an extremely important duty to protect private citizens and public locations. When danger presents itself, they’re required to jump into action without hesitation. To guard themselves against the threats that surround them on a daily basis, security professionals carry and use a wide variety of protective equipment. If you’re interested in a career as a security professional, it’s important to understand how you can protect yourself. Here, we’re going to discuss the essential protective equipment almost every security professional uses.

How Are Cell Phones Used in Security?

Cell phones have become a part of everyday life for almost every person. Security professionals are no exception. When short-range devices such as walkie-talkies don’t work, cell phones are a reliable source of communication. Throughout the day security professionals use cell phones to make calls to their teammates, report abnormal situations, and update their security logs. In addition to calling and texting, smartphones also offer a variety of valuable security apps.

Using Helmets and Body Armor for Security

There are times when security professionals have to put themselves in dangerous situations. The threat of violence or the use of weapons creates a possibility for bodily injury. To protect against injuries or worse, security professionals wear body armor such as helmets and bullet-proof vests. When a security professional is protected, they’re better able to effectively perform the duties of their position.

Using a Security Torch for Patrols at Night 

Many security professionals are required to work at night. A security torch provides the light they need to survey potentially dangerous situations in the dark. The right security torch can also serve as a self-defense device when there’s a threat of physical violence. The best security torches are lightweight and have a long battery life to help ensure they work when needed most. 

Lone Worker Alarm for Security Professionals

When a security guard is on duty and in need of help, they typically reach for their mobile device. If they’re unable to reach their mobile devices, they need another way to call for help. A lone worker alarm allows security professionals to signal for assistance with the quick touch of a button. Easy to use and efficient, lone worker alarms are a toolbelt essential for security professionals.

Using a Security Belt for Special Tools

All of this protective equipment does a security professional no good if they don’t have somewhere to carry it. A security belt is a heavy-duty leather belt that has holsters for all of the essential security tools. Offered in a variety of styles, a security belt is an accessory a security professional should never leave home without.

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