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Types of Software to Aid Private Investigators

If you are planning to step into the world of Private Investigation, you are going to need the right tools for the job. The time might come in your career when you’re working on a highly specialized case and need genuinely extravagant tools to carry out surveillance; but, for the most part, your job will require some modern technology that will help you gather information.

Many tools and resources allow you to investigate without breaking the bank. Here are several affordable programs Private Investigators can use right now to facilitate their work. When using these, keep in mind that many states have privacy laws and even as a licensed Private Investigator, there are certain limits to your ability to surveil or gather recorded information.

Free Apps for Private Investigators

There are some apps you can download to any device that will make your job simpler. Check out:

  • Ultimate Public Records – an app anyone can use to access public records to learn what you need about your case. This helps with research, so you’re no longer tied down to your desk.
  • Easy Voice Recorder – Downloadable on any device, it’s an easy way to record your conversations with clients or anyone you want to question without them even noticing.
  • Cam Scanner – This app provides an easy way to scan and save all types of documents, from receipts to case files so that you can view everything you need while on-the-job.
  • Expensify – This has less to do with spying but is useful for individuals who need to track spending. The app allows you to track all kinds of expenses, like gasoline, so you can accurately bill your clients.
  • Dragon Diction – This one is available for Apple devices, but there are similar ones out there for non-Apple products. Just dictate your notes and the app will create a transcription for you. It also allows you to edit documents with voice and sync your files so you always have them with you.

App developers are consistently creating new and useful programs. It’s a good idea to go through the store once every few months and see what’s out there. Many Private Investigators also use common organizational programs like Google Calendar, and DropBox to keep track of daily appointments and to-do lists, so it’s a good idea to try several different ones before you settle on one that works for you.

Simple Hardware for Private Investigation

Other than free apps, you might also want to invest in some high-tech hardware pieces that make investigating a case simpler.

  • Concealed Cameras – These range in price, so there’s something for every Private Investigator. Sometimes you need to record inconspicuously, and there are plenty of devices that look like regular, everyday objects, like pens, hats, and teddy bears.
  • Micro Bionic Super Ear – A handy little tool you that allows you to eavesdrop even from a great distance. It’s a great way to hunt for clues, and no one will even suspect you’re wearing this device.
  • Tripod Phone Holder – You can successfully record your investigations and interviews by investing in a tripod phone holder and avoid the problem of blurry pictures and videos. Quality is everything, and you can upgrade your work with this cheap tool from Amazon.

Technology’s impact on the Private Investigation industry is profound. With the right tools, surveillance, research, and writing reports become a lot simpler. As you’re taking classes to prepare for your licensing exam, it’s likely that you’ll have a class that will go over tools and software and the correct way to use each when you’re out in the field.

Getting Licensed as a Private Investigator

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