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What Are The Most Exciting Security Careers?

In the security industry, the scope of work constantly changes. From one day to the next, not much remains the same. Most security professionals describe their jobs as being interesting, lively, and very enjoyable. This doesn’t mean, however, that all security careers are created equal. To ensure you’re satisfied with your work in the security field, we’re going to introduce you to the most exciting security career paths you can follow. 

Becoming a Private Security Officer

One of the most exciting security careers is becoming a private security officer. Celebrities, political figures, business owners, and other high profile individuals all hire private security officers to protect them in public. Depending on the needs of the employer, private security guards can be hired on a full-time or contractual basis. Many private security officers enjoy traveling the world with their clients while others enjoy new challenges on a daily basis while protecting important venues. To become a private security officer, interested candidates should first obtain the appropriate training.

Becoming a Travel Security Professional

In every airport across the United States, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents enforce state and federal laws to ensure travelers’ safety. In addition to TSA agents, there are also security professionals who travel on a regular basis to protect important public figures. Both TSA agents and traveling security professionals have exciting careers because they get to interact with a variety of interesting people on a regular basis. To become a travel security professional, one must have basic security experience and additional training.

How to Become a Secret Service Agent

A position in the Secret Service is one of the highest honors for security professionals. The Secret Service is responsible for protecting the safety of this nation’s government leaders. In addition to full-time agents, the Secret Service also hires many contracted and part-time agents to provide security for large public events. There’s also an additional division of the Secret Service that’s responsible for protecting citizens of the United States and our government against fraud. To become a Secret Service agent, extensive security experience and training is required.

Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional

With so much of the world now operating online, cybersecurity is a security career that’s in high demand. Cybersecurity is a highly technical field that requires extensive education. The main priorities of cybersecurity professionals include protecting the Internet against hackers and guarding citizens’ private information. A wide variety of employers hire cybersecurity professionals, including the federal government and large corporations. 

Industry-Leading Online Security Training Continuing Education Courses 

If you’re ready to enter one of the most exciting career fields out there, it’s time to begin your education. The National Investigative Training Academy provides online courses for security professionals nationwide. 

Courses offered by the National Investigative Training Academy are open for enrollment and available 24/7. The unique training experience offered by the academy includes pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development courses. 
To enhance your security career and join the ranks of satisfied security professionals, call 1-800-730-NITA or contact the National Investigative Training Academy online today.

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