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Why Having a Background in Business or Law is Ideal to Become a Private Investigator

Private Investigators possess a variety of skills that are beneficial to different types of businesses. Different industries hire Private Investigators to conduct background checks, perform surveillance, and conduct extensive research. Although these basic skills are essential, many large corporations have found that hiring Private Investigators with a background in business or law is a key to success. 

What are Common Business-Oriented Jobs for Private Investigators?

There are endless business-oriented job opportunities for Private Investigators. Examples of companies that commonly hire Private Investigators include:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Attorneys
  • Government entities
  • …and more

Private Investigators who have experience working in a business environment or even running a business of their own understand the nature of the trade. This experience allows them to provide additional insight into a situation or case that another Private Investigator might not have. 

What Does a Corporate Private Investigator Do?

Private Investigators who specialize in working with large companies are often called Corporate Investigators. These professionals are experts in investigating different allegations including, but not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Exploitation
  • Embezzlement
  • Data breaches
  • Drug use
  • Electronic crime

Corporate Investigators commonly conduct research, perform undercover operations, and conduct financial investigations to get to the bottom of their case. Businesses hire Private Investigators to look into allegations and to prevent their companies from experiencing corrupt activity. Corporate Investigators can be proactive or reactive depending on the situation at hand. 

Preferred Experience For Corporate Private Investigators

Many companies prefer to hire Private Investigators who not only have a background in business but also in law. Private Investigators who understand the law as it pertains to investigations, internet security, personal data, fraud, and white-collar-crime are invaluable to companies. By understanding the law, Private Investigators can provide their corporate employers with more insight regarding the repercussion of specific investigations or illegal activity of employees.

Different ways Private Investigators can gain business or law experience include:

  • Law school
  • Business school
  • Internships
  • Law enforcement experience
  • A job as a court reporter
  • Entrepreneurship

If you’re interested in working for a large corporation, getting experience as both a Private Investigator and in the business field will help you be successful. All Private Investigators value confidentiality; however, those with experience handling corporate matters know that certain information can make or break a business. Therefore, companies are more likely to hire such individuals.

It’s essential to note that although many companies prefer to hire Private Investigators with a background in business, the experience is not necessary to become successful in this field. With the right set of skills, a dedication to learning on the job, and the appropriate Private Investigator education you can enjoy a fulfilling career as a Private Investigator whether you have professional experience in other fields or not.

How to Advance Your Career With Online Private Investigator Courses 

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) offers online courses for Private Investigators. Current course offerings include pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development. Whether you’re currently a Private Investigator or interested in becoming one, you can enroll in online courses with NITA at any time, day or night.

Once you’re enrolled in Private Investigator courses through NITA, you have access to your course materials 24/7. All our courses are authored by industry professionals and designed with the student in mind. Our primary goal is to provide students with an enjoyable education experience that prepares them for a successful career as a Private Investigator.
To get started, all you need is access to a computer and an email account – the rest is simple. Just call (800) 730-6482 or fill out our online contact form to begin the enrollment process today.


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