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Why We Need Security Officers at Public Events

Across the country, acts of violence at public events are becoming more prevalent. In 2019 alone, there were 419 mass shootings in the United States. As these types of violent acts become increasingly normal, more event hosts and companies are choosing to hire professional security officers for public events. In addition to safety, there’s a variety of benefits security officers provide that make them the top choice for any public event.

Security Officers are Professionally Trained

It used to be that the only events that hired professional security officers were events featuring prominent or famous individuals. Today, however, security officers are necessary for every occasion, from a college sports game to a red carpet event. For any event where there’s going to be a large crowd, security officers provide top-of-the-line safety services. Some of the most important professional skills that security officers possess include:

Having knowledge of diverse threats and how to spot them is essential for public events and can help prevent tragic events.

Security Officers are Backed by Professional Insurance

Any entity hosting a large public event should be concerned about insurance because they’re responsible for the well-being of everyone in attendance. Most public venues require all event vendors to carry and show proof of professional insurance – including the security company. Security officers who work at public events should be able to provide an insurance binder that shows the coverage of their policy. Most events require $1,000,000 in liability coverage and to be named as an additional insured.

Trained Security Officers Can Carry a Weapon

Over the past decade, the number of shootings at public events has significantly increased. Shootings at concerts, movie theatres, public schools, and in the workplace are all a reality in today’s world. As a result, many people are worried about the possibility of gun violence happening in their everyday lives. For public event planners, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional security officer is that many are able to carry a firearm. A security officer with a firearm and the appropriate training will be able to stop a violent offender faster than the police, who need more time to arrive on the scene. 

Security Officers Provide the Best Value

Keeping a large crowd safe is not an easy job, and the cost of security for a major public event is high. Professionally trained security officers provide top services for that cost while also providing event planners with peace of mind. The average cost of employing a professional security officer is between $13-$40 per hour. Armed security officers and officers with experience typically cost the most. When hiring a professional security officer, it’s important to check credentials and ensure they carry the appropriate licenses and certifications in your state. 

Become a Professional Security Officer by Taking Courses Online

If you’re interested in becoming a professional security officer, there’s no better place to begin your career than The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA). NITA is a trusted source of online courses for security officers. You can enroll in online courses at any time of day or night. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to your course materials 24/7 and the ability to study from any device anywhere in the world.

All the security officer training courses offered by NITA are authored by industry professionals. At NITA, it’s our goal to provide a positive student experience and to help you develop the skills and leadership you need to enjoy a rewarding career as a professional security officer.
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