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5 Reasons a Private Investigator Makes an Attorney’s Case Better

An experienced attorney understands that it takes a team to win a case. A successful legal case involves dedicated legal assistants to help with research and skilled experts on the witness stand. Often, Private Investigators are called to join legal teams. A trained Private Investigator’s knowledge allows them to bring a fresh perspective to the case and potentially discover new evidence.


Attorneys understand the intricacies of legal matters. However, their role in winning a case requires many tasks, including research, strategy, interviewing, and discovering new evidence. After that preparation, they must argue the case and demonstrate the supporting evidence they found. An attorney’s legal team can provide much of the support needed, but outside help is paramount. A Private Investigator is an expert in fact-finding, studying people, and understanding their motives. Overall, a Private Investigator is a cost-effective resource that significantly impacts an attorney’s case.

5 Ways a Lawyer Can Benefit from a Private Investigator

  1. Discover New Evidence 

While attorneys are focused on the legalities of a case, Private Investigators focus on the people and circumstances surrounding a case. Through conducting interviews and studying reports related to the case, a Private Investigator can uncover inconsistencies or gaps in a case that might reveal new leads and new findings. Private Investigators are equipped with the skills to look through files, reports, and testimonies to find proof that can support an attorney with their case.

  1. Uncover Hidden Assets

In civil or divorce cases, a Private Investigator can have a strong influence on the overall success of the case. A Private Investigator is trained to find unreported income or hidden assets that are often concealed when legal action arises. Hidden assets include:

  • Real estate
  • Concealed trusts
  • Undisclosed corporations
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Extravagant boats


Through surveillance and analysis of documents, reports, and online activity, a Private Investigator can learn about a person’s lifestyle and habits that can lead them to uncover wealth, offshore bank locations, and other hidden assets of great value.

  1. Computer Forensics

There’s a wealth of information in today’s digital world that can be found from online activity. A Private Investigator is specially trained to search and discover valuable clues through computer forensics and sophisticated tools. Private investigative work involves reviewing browsing history, downloads, photos, online chats, texts, phone logs, and more. While this information may not mean much on it’s own, when compiled with other evidence, it can be used to create a timeline and recreate an individual’s online activity. Computer forensics is especially helpful in cases that involve copyright infringement, matrimonial disputes, and sexual harassment.

  1. Social Media & Public Profile Analysis 

While the internet enables anyone to locate public records and social media profiles, the general information that is readily available online reveals only a snapshot of a person’s life. Private Investigators use sophisticated tools and powerful resources to discover a person’s true identity and establish a thorough background. Trained Private Investigators need just one piece of information, whether that be a phone number or address, to unlock the key to a person’s behavior and mentality. These details provide an attorney with a better understanding of a person or a business.

  1. Video Proof of Fraud 

Private Investigators are trained in surveillance techniques that can make or break a lawyer’s case. Using a variety of methods, including GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras, and undercover operatives, Private Investigators can document and capture proof of fraud or misappropriation. Surveillance takes time and patience and may entail working long hours during the day and night to capture incriminating evidence on film. While this is a lengthy process, video recordings provide irrefutable evidence that is essential in many legal cases that involve insurance fraud, employee theft, worker’s compensation, and child custody matters.

Learn the Skills to Become a Private Investigator at the National Investigative Training Academy

Private Investigators’ work breathes new life into criminal or civil cases that can drastically alter a court’s decision. Finding assets, discovering fresh leads, developing a thorough character profile, and providing other information is all a part of the exciting role of Private Investigators. If you’re considering a career in the private investigation field, contact an enrollment counselor at National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA) today. We’ll show you how NITA’s online courses can lead you to become a licensed Private Investigator and achieve your professional goals in a short period.


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