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Gain a competitive advantage in the field of private investigations through NITA’s tailored online courses. Read real testimonials from students below:




“Outside of the personal contact from the staff, what I most appreciated about NITA’s program was the convenience of the online curriculum and the real-world examples that were paired with the course content.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone to include my own future investigators.” RL


“You can tell the staff really cares about you and I haven’t found any other program that even compares in terms of customer service.  You’re not just a number for NITA.  If someone were to express interest in NITA’s program, I would definitely tell them to pursue NITA. You get to do it at your own pace, online and you have a whole team to support you along the way.  That just seals the deal for me.” ZO


“The course material was easy to understand and the online aspect of the program made it exceptionally convenient for me.  Plus, NITA’s staff was always readily available to walk me through any and all questions that I had.” MW


“I would recommend the Florida “CC” Intern Course to anyone! I still use the course materials as a reference point at my job.” SD


“The Florida “CC” Intern Course was very detailed and informative with a wealth of great material. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the field of private investigation.”


“I am very happy with the training materials, the review was direct and to the point. There was not a lot of filler information. What was given was useful and clear. The completion pkt. came quickly and had a personalized note. I was very happy with my experience! Looking forward to the next phase!” TAC


“The course was well explained, logically formatted, and met my needs for online continuing training. I am very satisfied.”


“Great training, NITA was fast, flexible with my daily schedule.” C.H.


“So glad I took this course. Excellent online course. Thanks so much.” R.C.


“Excellent course material, great customer support, and a well put together website makes NITA a great pick for getting your CC license completion.”


“Unlike other on-line learnings, the National Investigative Academy is user-friendly with a wonderful staff willing to help whenever the need arises. Should ever be interested in investigative learning; National Investigative Training Academy is your only academy of choice.” Thanks.


“Before taking this course I was a little worried about how I would do starting out as a Florida Investigator CC Intern, but thanks to NITA’s website I feel confident on starting my journey out as a Florida Investigator CC.” Jaddie F.


“This course has very good information for those that do not have any experience within the criminal justice field. I have 10 years of experience in law enforcement as well as a Masters in Criminal Justice and still, I did learn a couple of things during the course. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the more specific information in the “history of” sections. All in all, I would recommend the course to any and all who are looking to enter into the field.”


“Hello all, I just want to say, If you are thinking of taking this course, think no more. I had a wonderful learning experience. This course is not only informational but easy to follow and comprehend. The best part of all is that you can choose to pause and continue at a later time. Not to brag but I scored 100% not because of my intellect but because of the structure and design of the program that helps you learn. I learned and enjoyed the course a lot and I am sure you will too. Good look in your future endeavors.” Sincerely, J


“Having been an LEO for 10 years most of the course core material was already familiar, however throughout the course, the application of that knowledge to the Private Investigator field was greatly expanded. Outstanding course, even for those with pre-existing criminal justice backgrounds.” P.A. McAleer


“Ez to understand and follow… a+++++.” NITA Student


“In certain instances, I was able to complete a section with enough time to go back to review my notes and fully digest the material. NITA’s staff was especially helpful in answering my questions and super responsive in our communication with one another. I would definitely recommend NITA’s online courses!” NITA’s Student Spotlight


“I enjoyed the course I took and will certainly be taking other courses available at NITA.  Thank you for the insightful information.”  Axel E-P


“This is a fantastic course!”  NITA Student


“Easy to follow, understand, and great for working individuals to do at their pace.”  NITA Student


“The course focused on key objectives for being a private investigator.” NITA Student


“NITA’s course was concise and very narrowed to PI specific needs.” NITA Student


“This is my second course here at NITA and I have to say this place has been nothing but a stepping stone for a great career as a surveillance investigator in Florida and Georgia.” NITA Student


Marcus Thurman
“It was a no brainer for me to sign up with the NITA online and the overall experience has been outstanding. From day one, (NITA’s Staff) made me feel so comfortable with doing this online. It made the decision really easy for me. I would absolutely recommend NITA’s courses to anyone and everyone that is thinking about making a change in their careers.” Marcus T


“This course gives you everything you need to pass the CC test with flying colors.” Steve S. 


“This course is perfect for the busy lifestyle, which allows you to go at your own pace.  (NITA’s Staff) answered all of my questions and was overly helpful.” NITA Student


“This course was very educational and expanded my knowledge tremendously when it comes to background investigations.  I am so happy to have received this training.” S.G.,


“I am very happy with the training materials, the review was direct and to the point.  There was not a lot of filler information – what was given was useful and clear.  The completion packet came quickly and had a personal note.  I was very happy with my experience.  Looking forward to the next phase!” TAC


“I was first directed to NITA’s program from the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) website. I was impressed with NITA’s course material and organization of the site. Ultimately, it was the fact that NITA’s courses were competitively priced and state-approved that led me to believe I was making the right decision.” Barrie B.


“I enjoyed taking my cc course online with your firm.”  Orestes I. 


“I learned a lot of interesting material, and course kept me glued the screen and never got boring.” NITA Student


“The Florida “CC” Intern Course was very detailed and informative with a wealth of great material. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the field of private investigation.”  NITA Student


“I came across after initiating a search for Private Investigative schools in the state of Georgia. I was impressed with NITA’s course offerings and the professionalism of its faculty. All of my research led me to believe this was a quality program. “I would not hesitate to recommend NITA’s online training program to others who are interested in pursuing a career as a Private Investigator.” David T


Marvin Blue“I truly appreciated how convenient it was for me to pursue my investigative training online through NITA’s course. I’m convinced NITA’s faculty is committed to student success and I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone who would like to become a Private Investigator.”Lisa B


“NITA helped me prepare for my career as a Private Investigator. Their program was thoughtfully organized, and included information that was pertinent to both the beginning investigator, and even the most seasoned PI.” Tristin L.


“The course was very informative and I enjoyed taking it online.” B.Santiago-Blue


“Was a great overall experience from the ease of the website to the help from the employees. I would tell any of my friends to use NITA’s website for their needs.” LB


“Everything you need for a proper education to begin interning in the private investigation field.  Simply put, it’s a great class.” Carlos


“It was fantastic.” NITA Student


“NITA’s online CC Intern Private Investigator program was perfect from start to finish. It was very user-friendly, detailed and included plenty of useful information to gain my certification. I researched many other online academies but felt most comfortable with NITA after first inquiring over the phone with Sandra, Vice President. Sandra guided me through my options and answered all of my questions promptly. NITA has been a great overall experience for my training and I would definitely recommend their courses to anyone who is looking to start or continue their investigative career.” Brandon B


“Concise preparation, thank you for maintaining such a great course and website.” Nicholas M


“The course was very informative and the learning material was presented in an easy to comprehend format.” NITA Student


“This was an excellent course. I would recommended NITA’s courses to anyone who is really interested in the PI program.” NITA Student


“I was thoroughly impressed with my overall experience with the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. NITA’s staff was communicative and professional, which made the entire process a seamless one. I am looking forward to using my knowledge and skills to help others find others find answers and closure.”   April D, July 2015
“I just wanted to say working with NITA’s staff was one of the most recent return to GREAT customer service experiences I have had in a long time. Great job.” NITA Student


“NITA’s 40 hour Private Investigator CC Intern course couldn’t be more convenient. The student may progress at their own pace – however fast or slow that may be – and is afforded all of the resources they need to be successful. I’m glad I chose NITA for my training and will recommend it to others. Thanks!” Brian B.


“I would absolutely recommend NITA’s courses to others, especially those who already have an interest in the field of private investigations. I was incredibly impressed with NITA’s program and look forward to using my knowledge as I begin my career in the field. Don’t wait! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.” Melissa B.

“I was always an investigator, but this course taught me the laws and the right way of doing things. I am pleased that I know the laws now because of NITA. NITA made me want to be the best Investigator.” NITA Student


Absolutely wonderful presentation of course material – course preparation and end course material review thoroughly invested me with the ability to successfully score a 97%!   I am very satisfied with, and recommend to others, this course, and any other courses, offered by NITA!  Marshall H.


Awesome is the only word I would use. The patience and grace the NITA staff had with me for making sure I studied to pass this training. Highly recommended. NITA Student


“NITA’s team was very responsive and student-centered. Sandra helped me enroll in the course and ensured it was a seamless process. NITA’s team was exceptionally supportive in guiding my steps toward completion of my course. I’m proud to say that I’m now a licensed Private Investigator.” Marvin B.


“This was a great course recommended to me by a very successful Private Investigator Agency. I learned so much in a concise and organized way in the comfort of my home at my pace. I was especially appreciative for the NITA Staff being available in a timely manner on a weekend when I needed a little technical help. Bravo!”  NITA Student


The course was very easy to understand and follow. If I had a question, my email was answered and I did not have to wait a long for a reply. The online class fit my schedule and I had plenty of time to finish. NITA Student


“Without a doubt, I would tell everyone to explore NITA’s course offerings. Not only does it provide a stepping-stone toward your future career, but it’s also an opportunity to network with others who have chosen a similar path. All material was easy to read and comprehend, and there weren’t any surprises on the test. For me, the return on investment has proven incredibly rewarding and I feel confident others will find the program equally worthwhile.” Sean D


“I would just like to say thank you so much for offering this program. Your staff was extremely helpful over the phone when I was first getting started. The whole site was very user friendly. I loved every minute of it! Very pleased with this program I would recommend for everyone.” NITA Student


I was always an investigator; but this course taught me the laws and the right way of doing things.  I am pleased that I know the laws from the training at NITA.  NITA made me want to be the best Investigator.  NITA Student


“I researched a number of programs and investigative schools before selecting NITA. We ultimately chose NITA because of the school’s reputation and convenience. Because NITA’s courses are online, I was able to maintain my daytime responsibilities and fulfill all requirements for licensure in the evening. Two other analysts from my firm also completed the program with me.” Melody H.


“I would definitely recommend NITA’s courses without hesitation to anyone. In fact, I already have referred others to NITA. Whether you just want to get your foot in the door or seek to further your education in the field, NITA’s online courses offer a unique alternative to traditional investigative training. I had an incredibly positive experience with NITA and know others will, too.” J.C.


“I would recommend National Investigative Training Academy to Everyone. From Start to finish the process was flawless, and I could not have asked for a better layout on the Material. Only to be followed up by a well formulated comprehensive review. Any one looking to get their CC license, look no further — this is the Academy for you.” Andrea R.


“I would unequivocally recommend NITA’s programs to other professionals who desire to take their career to the next level. I most appreciated the transparency of NITA’s program and that all expectations were clearly outlined for me. There were no surprises. Actually, the only surprise was that it exceeded all expectations.”  Xavier P.


“NITA made it possible for me to complete this course, all while working a full time job. Easy curriculum to follow and the ability to study at my own pace makes this a double winner for me.” Thanks, William B. 


“It was a very convenient method of completing the training.” -GPH, NITA Student


“The course was both informative and interesting. I especially appreciated the fact that it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the material. While I have a background in criminal justice, even those with less familiarity within the field of investigations would be able to find value in the course.” Ardis W.


“I would just like to say thank you so much for offering this program. Your staff was extremely helpful over the phone when I was first getting started. The whole site was very user friendly. I loved every minute of it! Very pleased with this program I would recommend for everyone.”  NITA Student


“As a family owned and operated business, reputation is very important to us. We were seeking an academy that delivered the same level of excellence that we offer to our clients. I contacted Sandra in March and was immediately impressed by her professionalism. We have since referred several of our team members to the school with great success and we look forward to continuing our relationship with NITA for many years to come.” Chris C. 


“There are hundreds of training courses on line and I researched a lot of them for about 3 weeks before choosing NITA. The best part about this academy are the decades of experience the coordinators/faculty bring to the table.” NITA Student 


“A Great Experience.” NITA Student 


“A very good course, I highly recommend it to Private Investigators.” NITA Student 


“The entire course was very well done and informative. Very professional as well as the live operator (Sandra) that I was able to converse with. Thanks, N.I.T.A!”  NITA Student


“You guys are great.”  NITA Student


“Very professional course, I appreciate all the assistance with my questions I’ve learned a great deal from this course.” NITA Student


“I enjoyed the course. Keep up the good work NITA.” NITA Student


“This was a good course and I would recommend it to any licensed Private Investigator.” NITA Student


“A very good course very informational.” NITA Studen


“Found the program a really convenient and easy to use. I will be using your program every year.”  Investigative Agency


“It was great!!!”  NITA Student


“I liked the online experience.”  NITA Student


“The NITA Florida CC Intern Class was very informative and a great training site for my pursuit of an Investigative License.”  NITA Student


“Good Course.”  NITA Student 


“Very professional course, I appreciated all the assistance with my questions and I’ve learned a great deal from this course.” NITA Student


“I loved this course, it was very informative and I’m excited about getting started.” NITA Student


“NITA was an informative and helpful investigative academy that gave me the knowledge and ability to become a successful private investigator. The lessons were insightful and descriptive but also easy to understand.” NITA Student


“Everything went well. Good program.” NITA Student


“Using the National Investigative Training Academy was a fast and easy way for me to take the Florida Pre-Licensing Course needed for me to start my new career as a Private Investigator. The online training was user friendly and very informative, I highly recommend this training program.” NITA Student


“This course was very informative. Over all this is a great course.”  NITA Student


“I enjoyed the Florida Investigator CC Intern Course with NITA.  It was very user friendly and I loved being able to study on my schedule.”   NITA Student


“NITA offers a truly unique learning experience for the student. I was amazed at the ease of use with the courses and impressed with the curriculum.” NITA Student


“What a great CLASS !!  As a working mom, pursuing my education, I was thrilled to find a class that would work around my busy schedule.” NITA Student


“The information presented during my Continuing Education Course was very helpful in advancing my career as an Investigator.  I will definitely come back to take my next class at NITA.” NITA Student



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