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9 Desirable Qualities in a Security Operative

A career in security gives you the opportunity to use many of your natural skills. From physical fitness to mental agility, a security guard must be equipped to leverage his or her training in the role.  We have identified 9 desirable qualities in a security operative, so read on to learn more.

Top Qualities for a Security Professional

A successful Security Professional will usually have the following qualities to offer their employers:

1. PHYSICAL FITNESS – An effective security operative must be healthy, agile and physically capable to defend and protect self and the client when necessary.

2. QUICK THINKING – The ability to use initiative and make the right decisions quickly and logically, particularly in conflict and emergency situations.

3. ATTITUDE – An approachable, receptive and polite attitude is helpful in all situations, whilst a calm yet assertive demeanor must be maintained at all times.

4. OBSERVATION – An eye for detail and the ability to understand body language is essential to monitor crowds, and intercept and pre-empt problems before they escalate.

5. PRESENTATION – A clean, smart, positive image should be maintained at all times to establish credibility.

6. RELIABILITY –   Maintaining professional integrity, and exercising honesty and dependability is essential when taking care of the interests of the client and the general public.

7. COMMON SENSE – Common sense and good judgment is fundamental when dealing with sensitive situations. Appropriate protocol must be heeded at all times.

8. COMMUNICATION –  Strong verbal, non-verbal and written communication is essential when dealing with team, clients and general public to de-escalate tentative situations. Listening is key for effective communication.

9. KNOWLEDGE – No security operative can be effective without attaining the relative knowledge and training required for the role.

BONUS: PASSION – In the words of Steve Jobs, with any role, the only way to do great work is to love what you do!

Unique Education and Training from NITA

Most importantly, a security guard must possess an understanding of security operations. Industry standards and practices are necessary for performing all tasks in a professional manner.  Proper security training and education is imperative for success.

NITA’s unique security courses have been authored by former Tier 1, SOCOM, Ranger, Army Sniper, SWAT and LEO personnel. This specialized curriculum provides the security professional with the unique opportunity to expand their knowledge on relevant, real-world topics, ranging from defense tactics to crowd control. With flexible study options and many employment opportunities, enroll now to advance your dream career.


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