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Assets of the Female Investigator

Women are busting down the doors and glass ceilings in every sector once traditionally dominated by men, including Private Investigation. There’s no secret that there’s a shortage of women in all fields of law enforcement. About 80 percent of the FBI’s special agents are made up of men, while the DOJ is just 16 percent female. The good news is that these rules are starting to change as women continue to push the envelope and use their advantages and skills to score jobs as Private Investigators..

There are a few reasons that female investigators excel at their jobs. Several reports in major newspapers have highlighted the need for more women police officers, Private Investigators, and special agents. A Private Investigator relies on training and skill more than they do biology. There are advantages women have in this field that benefit the entire industry.

Health and Physical Prowess

On average, women live longer and healthier lives than men, and as more women pick up combat sports and weight training, the gap in physical ability between male and female Private Investigators is getting smaller. A Private Investigator has to stay in shape in case they’re in a situation with an unruly individual, but it’s rare that there’s actual physical contact. Instead, a Private Investigator must use her intelligence to resolve disputes and close cases.

Increased Empathy Leads to Better Problem-Solving

Studies find that women are generally considered more empathetic than men. Whereas some older and more hardened Investigators insist that only facts matter, going deeper to understand a client (or a perp) can help solve cases. Findings also show that female law enforcement officers are less likely to instigate shootings and, on the whole, provoke fewer civilian complaints than male law enforcement officers.

When a Private Investigator is trying to gather the facts and speak to people, it is their job to get individuals to talk to them and tell them what they know. In this case, having female Private Investigators is handy. A woman is likely to have an easier time getting the facts from suspects. Women Private Investigators also have an advantage when interviewing other women, as they are more likely to open up to female Investigators.

Undercover and Surveillance Benefits

Most people wouldn’t suspect a female Private Investigator. The fact that many people in society underestimate women makes it easier for women to complete surveillance and undercover assignments. Someone who is afraid of getting caught might stay on the lookout for a male officer or a detective, but they don’t usually suspect that the Investigator will be a woman. It’s easier to fly under the radar and play a variety of roles as a female Private Investigator.

Becoming a Licensed Private Investigator

Men and women interested in the exciting field of Private Investigation must complete training before they get their licenses to become Private Investigators. At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) we offer continuing education, professional development, and State-and Board-approved pre-licensing courses for those seeking to sharpen their skills in Private Investigation.

If you’re interested in becoming a Private Investigator, you can fill out our contact form or call 866-235-7918 to speak with an advisor. There is always room in this field for new talent, and with the right preparation, you can be on your way to a fulfilling career.

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