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Continuing Education for Security Guards in Minnesota

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA) now offers state-approved continuing education courses for security professionals in Minnesota. This new curriculum is online and open for immediate enrollment for individuals ready to catapult their security professional careers to the next level.

The professional security industry is growing in Minnesota as more companies are re-examining security practices to protect employees better, prevent crime, and maintain a safe environment. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are over 1.1 million security professionals employed nationwide. The continuing education courses at NITA prepares security professionals for success in the security industry in a variety of specialized sectors.  

Quality Continuing Education for Security Officers in Minnesota

Course Description

NITA’s continuing education courses for security professionals are approved by the state of Minnesota. These industry-leading courses were created to further the careers of security professionals through the instruction of high-demand security skills. NITA’s online courses offer a complete learning experience where security professionals can learn at home, at their own pace. 

Course lessons feature context of proven, relevant, and real-world security and business experience developed by senior NITA investigative faculty and staff. NITA’s continuing education courses cover various subjects, including crowd control, bomb threat awareness, field notes and report writing, and handling explosive devices. 

Students must pass a final examination to receive credit for each security guard continuing education course. Upon completion of the course, students can immediately download proof of training with a certificate of completion. 

Courses Available 

  • Bomb Threat Awareness 6-Hr Course 
  • Crowd Control Training 6-Hr Course 
  • Effective Communication 6-Hr Course 
  • Field Notes and Report Writing 6-Hr Course
  • Improvised Explosive Device Awareness 6-Hr Course

What Career Opportunities Exist for Security Guards in Minnesota?

The professional security industry has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years and is not an industry worth more than $25.5 billion. reported that the private sector of the professional security industry employs an estimated 20 million security professionals globally. There are a variety of career opportunities for well-trained and educated security guards in Minnesota, including: 

  • Corporate Event Security
  • Private Security Detail
  • Government Contract Security
  • Emergency Security Solutions
  • Information Security
  • Construction Security
  • VIP and Executive Protection
  • Unarmed Security 
  • Hospital Security

Advance Your Professional Security Career with Continued Education Courses Online 

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA) is a state-approved and reliable source for security training in Minnesota. Students who have completed online continuing education courses required for Minnesota residents advance to fulfilling careers in an exciting industry with a world of opportunity. Whether you want to work in the private sector, for the government, or start your own professional security business – NITA’s online continuing education courses provide the tools you need to elevate your professional security career. 

Enroll in continuing education courses for security guards online whenever you choose and start learning immediately. Explore further security courses offered online at NITA or contact us by calling 1-800-730-NITA (6482).

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