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Decisiveness: Make a Decision!

Decisiveness: Make a Decision!

Originally published by Fenix Strategies

Guest Blogger Aaron Gochnaur:

There are many leadership traits/qualities/principles that many organizations teach and require of their personnel. There are endless courses, seminars and literature on leadership, which are good tools for some, but I believe can create false confidence in this “classroom leadership” if not actually applied in life. Granted, I have been in some courses in my career and there are multiple books on my shelf currently on leadership, but I try to apply what I learn in my life and experiment with what works best for me depending on what environment life takes me.

14 Leadership Traits to Cultivate

My Marines out there are all too familiar with “JJ DID TIE BUCKLE” for easymemorization of our 14 Leadership Traits that would help us cultivate our leadership capabilities to take on more responsibility while in the Corps and in Society as a whole.

One of the hot leadership groups currently is Echelon Front, lead by retired Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who use their experience and the Laws of Combat to teach leadership principles to businesses and organizations.

The list can go on forever from John C. Maxwell, General George S. Patton and President Lincoln to basic leadership courses at basic training and law enforcement academies across the country.

Why Decisiveness is so Important for Leadership

All that being said, the most important leadership trait to me currently is DECISIVENESS. MAKE A DECISION! Use all that knowledge learned and hopefully some experience with it, while using multiple other traits that will ultimately lead to a DECISION. That is what leaders do and hopefully for you and your team it is the right one.


Now, like a said a lot goes into decisiveness, but that is what makes this trait rise to the top for me. You can have amazing bearing, enthusiasm, integrity and tact individually, and that is just naming a few, but can you be a true leader without the ability to make a decision? The boss or mentor will not always be available, time might not be on your side and who knows what maybehanging in the balance for our service member and LEOs.

Decisiveness can save you some headaches, heartaches and even lives.

Aaron Gochnaur

Fenix Strategies Instructor/Adviser

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