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What are the Most Desirable Security Jobs?

Those who have an interest in security can choose to work in a variety of environments. Security professionals provide an essential service and are trusted with countless responsibilities. Those who have expanded their knowledge through online security courses offered at the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. have a competitive advantage over other applicants in the following in-demand security jobs.

What Are The Most Desirable Security Jobs?

1. Basic Security Officers

These are the officers that usually patrol local shopping centers and a variety of public places. Most often the pay for these officers starts off at state minimum wage level. However, after a year of duty, one can take state-based exams to apply for a higher rank and salary scale.

2. Security Specialists

These officers are above in rank from the basic security officers. They are responsible for making sure that the primary security officers are correctly guarding their post.

3. Armored Carriers

These are the officers that are responsible for carrying large amounts of cash. You generally see them driving loaded vans from ATMs to banks. These officers are typically paid more because their jobs pose a higher risk to them.

4. Screeners

These are people you see in government offices and buildings, generally located at the main entrance. Usually, the screeners get paid well, and their jobs are more secure because the government employs them.

5. Surveillance Officers

These are officers that watch from the sky to help ensure the safety of people on the ground. They use high-tech equipment such as drones and other military-style devices during their day-to-day duties. They usually try preventing crime, and their position in the air often helps them do just that.

6. Private Police

These officers are hired by private companies to make sure that their employees are safe, and that company property is protected. They also monitor employees to make sure that there’s no internal theft. About ten to fifteen years ago these officers were referred to as loss prevention officers.

7. Private Detectives and Investigators

Private detectives and investigators are often retired police detectives. They are usually hired to investigate crimes that are ongoing. Most often these types of jobs require attention to detail and a great deal of patience. A typical case can take months or even years to solve.

8. Bounty Hunter

These individuals are paid to catch accused criminals who have skipped bond and went on the run. These individuals may carry items for protection and are generally paid well because they often have to chase notorious criminals.

9. Bodyguards or Personal Protection Specialists

These are people who are paid to protect high profile individuals such as state officials, movie stars, heads of state, etc. They are also responsible for protecting the family members of high-profile individuals from other life-threatening situations.

10. Security Specialists

These are the highest paid security specialists. They usually work in specific areas and locations and help with law enforcement.

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