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Do Former Police Officers Excel As Private Investigators?

Many people believe that former police officers make the best candidates for Private Investigators. The truth is, a prior background in law enforcement is not a prerequisite for a career as a Private Investigator. Being a former police officer does not guarantee success in the field of Private Investigation.

On the other hand, the training and foundation that police officers receive has proven to be beneficial to the many ex-cops that have gone on to become Private Investigators. The practical experience is perhaps the reason why some ex-cops have excelled in this career path.

There are a few skills that police officers learn in their training that help them excel in the PI field; and while being a police officer isn’t mandatory, you might want to brush up on the following factors.

Transferrable Skill Sets and Experience

The investigative experienced one gains while working as a police officer is no different from the skill set needed to be a Private Investigator. Law enforcement personnel show proficiency in conducting investigations, gathering information, and interviewing suspects. Police officers have not only already mastered these skills but also have years of experience using these techniques in real-life situations. A person looking to become a Private Investigator can pick these skills up in various ways.

Familiarity with the Legal Process

Often, a police officer is employed by his department for at least two decades before he or she decides to pursue a different career. These officers become quite familiar with local legal processes and can use this understanding to shape investigations that are of the utmost important to their clients. Additionally, many police officers have experience as court witnesses which can prove beneficial as a Private Investigator.

Years of Networking

Police officers turned Private Investigators have the immediate benefit of the many contacts in the community they have cultivated through years of public service. These contacts can be especially valuable in their new careers whenever they find themselves in need of advice or information. From lawyers investigating similar cases to fellow cops who have access to databases and vital stats, contacts are necessary for closing cases.

Training and Professionalism

Professionalism is a characteristic that leads to success as a Private Investigator. Individuals interested in pursuing Private Investigation, whether a former law enforcement officer or not, will benefit from acting professionally in all aspects of their new jobs as investigators. Quality training for investigators occurs on-the-job and

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