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Hard Lessons Learned as a New Private Investigator

The day that Private Investigators become licensed opens many doors for them. While this is a thrilling point in your career full of new opportunities, there are many lessons that Private Investigators learn with time and experience. 

Online private investigative training courses like those offered at the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) provide a wealth of knowledge that lays a strong foundation for a successful investigative career. However, there are great lessons that only come with years of doing the work. Here’s what we’ve found to be the top lessons learned as a new Private Investigator. 

Lesson 1: Always Keep Learning  

It is essential for Private Investigators to stay on top of new technologies, trends, and methods. Effective investigative professionals know how to use social media, the depths of the internet, and other technology to find information and prevent future threats. Together with continuing education classes, on-the-job training, experience, and observing others is the key to success.

Lesson 2: Don’t Jump to Conclusions 

As a newly licensed Private Investigator, it’s easy to jump on the first piece of evidence or issue that you see. Private investigative work involves taking data and drawing inferences from it. But those inferences must be tested and verified before they become conclusions. Every case is unique, and it’s critical to consider all aspects of a piece of information before you can determine what it means. 

Lesson 3: Differentiate Yourself 

Standing out from the rest is a good thing in life and at work. Learn what makes you uncopyable and capitalize on your professional skills that differ from the rest. Maybe your top skills lie in surveillance, crowd control management, or bomb threat detection. Whatever it is, become an expert and master the craft that will give you a competitive edge. 

Lesson 4: Patience & Persistence are Key 

Some cases take longer to solve than others, and highly effective investigators won’t be deterred by challenges that come up along the way. Having tenacity and refusing to give up when the going gets tough is what leads to success. Often, investigative cases are solved with a level of knowledge, patience, and persistence. 

Lesson 5: Maintain Your Principles 

Highly regarded Private Investigators maintain their moral and professional principles in all their efforts to resolve a case. The slightest unethical or dishonest behavior can not only compromise a client’s case but also damage your reputation or jeopardize your license. Licensed investigators are more likely to acquire and retain business as a result of their commitment to their principles and continued education to preserve credibility. 

Lesson 6: Be a Valuable Source of Help 

Being helpful and providing value to others is not only appreciated by your clients and colleagues—it can also expand your reputation and business. Extending a helping hand and offering advice can provide many benefits, like:

  • Increasing traffic to your website 
  • Building your social media following
  • Increasing blog subscriptions
  • Gaining more clients 


Good things can come about when you share and extend a helpful hand. 

Lesson 7: Be Proud of the Work You Do 

The most important lesson learned as a new Private Investigator is being proud of your work. Strive for excellence, maintain professionalism, and be proud of whatever you put your name on. Not every client is the right client, and refusing to do work you’re not proud of often makes the difference between waking up in the morning feeling excited or indifferent about the day ahead.

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