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How You Can Build Experience to Become a Private Investigator

The private investigation field is extremely competitive. Many employers prefer Private Investigators who are knowledgeable regarding best practices and the latest investigation methods. If you want to become a Private Investigator, you’ll need to gain experience before you land your dream job. Here, we’ll discuss how you can build experience to become a Private Investigator and enjoy an exciting, lifelong career.

Private Investigators Can Work In a Related Field

One of the best ways to get a taste of what life might be like as a Private Investigator and gain valuable experience is to work in a related field. Security, law enforcement, the military, loss prevention, and analytics are all ideal places to begin your career. Skills from each of these industries are easily transferable to private investigation and are a solid foundation to build upon. Many individuals who become Private Investigators go through formal training while working in another field that’s closely related.

Apply for a Private Investigator Internship

If you’ve already worked in a related field and want to gain experience working with experienced Private Investigators, an internship is one of your best options. Internships are beneficial for future Private Investigators because you’re able to witness real cases, learn tools specific to the industry, and build relationships with experienced professionals. Furthermore, many companies that employ Private Investigators transition interns to full-time employees once they earn the proper license.

Enroll in Online Private Investigator Training Courses

To become a Private Investigator, one of the best ways to gain experience is to enroll in online training courses. The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) offers online courses for pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development. These courses cover a variety of materials and are designed by industry leaders to give current and future Private Investigators the knowledge they need to succeed. 

Apply for a Private Investigator License in Your State

To enjoy a long and successful career as a Private Investigator, it’s important to apply for the appropriate licensure in your state. A licensed Private Investigator has access to the best opportunities and is attractive to a variety of employers including private firms, large companies, and individual clients. Typically, to become a licensed Private Investigator you will need to complete specific courses as well as an approved internship. 

NITA Helps You Get and Stay Licensed as a Private Investigator

The National Investigative Training Academy Inc. (NITA) is a premier provider of State and Board approved online training for Private Investigators. At NITA, we strive to provide a flexible and rewarding online education experience while also developing the skills and leadership necessary for a successful Private Investigator career. Our staff is highly trained regarding licensure in each state and can help you understand what requirements you’ll need to meet when you apply.  
Enrollment in online classes through NITA is available 24/7. Once enrolled, you can begin classes right away and complete the course material according to your schedule. To enroll today, call 800-730-6482 or contact us online.

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