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Increase in Apartment Buildings Means Jobs for Security Officers

There’s a growing demand for housing in the United States. As a result, apartment buildings are popping up left and right. Over the next decade, as large companies move into already crowded cities,  thousands of new apartment buildings will be needed to prevent a housing crisis. Large or small, apartment buildings offer a variety of benefits for residents depending on their location and price point. Some provide perks such as recreational space or a community pool, while others win over tenants by providing one of the most important benefits: security. 

Why Do Apartment Buildings Need Security Officers?

Apartment buildings house anywhere from six to 500 units and more. With so many people living in the same space, it can be difficult to know who is a resident and who is an uninvited visitor. Professional security officers at apartment buildings are essential for the safety of residents because they provide services such as:

  • Identifying intruders
  • Preventing break-ins
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Eliminating threats

From bomb threats to shootings, the potential dangers posed to apartment buildings and the residents living there are all too real. There are a variety of places security officers can be stationed to keep the building safe and to ensure everyone feels comfortable in their unit.

Providing Professional Security Around the Clock

Most cities have police officers who patrol the streets both day and night. However, it’s impossible for those officers to provide constant security to every apartment complex. Professional security officers are a way to guarantee around-the-clock safety for all apartment residents. Most apartment buildings employ security guards to:

  • Protect the buildings’ point of entry
  • Surveill the grounds for suspicious activity
  • Ensure residents make it to their units safely

A well-trained security officer can identify a suspicious situation at first glance. If it’s well-known that an apartment building has security officers at the point of entry or on staff, that building is less likely to be a target for criminal activity. Likewise, security officers give residents peace of mind and help them feel safe coming home any time of day or night. 

Armed Guards Provide Additional Security 

Apartment buildings that want to provide residents with the benefit of security will often contract services through a local company. Security companies typically offer affordable, diverse services. Most security companies provide clients with the option to hire armed or unarmed security officers. Although unarmed security officers are effective in most situations, many people prefer the additional safety of an armed officer. With the appropriate training, an armed security officer can respond to and prevent potentially deadly situations.

Apartment security officers enjoy many benefits in their careers. No two days are ever the same and they’re also able to build strong relationships with the tenants they serve. If you’re interested in joining one of the fastest-growing, most challenging, and most rewarding career fields – you need to enroll in security officer training courses.

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