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From Insurance to Investigations: A NITA Student Spotlight

From Insurance to Investigations: A NITA Student Spotlight


Ruth Ladas

Ruth Ladas – NITA Graduate

Unlike other industry verticals, the field of private investigations captures a wide array of interest from all walks of life. Statistically speaking, the field remains dominated by men. However, the number of female professionals pursuing PI work continues to grow and the talent in the field continues to rise.
Ruth Ladas, our most recent spotlight, never dreamed as a child of pursuing a career in Private Investigation. In fact, her background has always been in the insurance space and it is still insurance that Ruth describes to be her professional “bread and butter.” It wasn’t until a new opportunity presented itself – to start and manage an investigative business with her husband—that ultimately motivated her to pursue a new path.
The Greatest Agent, her new startup, was developed out of demand from her clients coupled with strategic growth for her existing business. It will be housed in the adjacent space of her insurance business, and co-managed by her husband and business partner, Nick. However, before fully launching the business, Ruth knew that she must first obtain a license to become a Private Investigator in the state of Florida.
Ruth, an aviation enthusiast and self-study learner, had already received licensure for insurance. She decided the convenience of an online program would be most beneficial for her new education in private investigations. After researching her options, she landed on NITA because of the testimonials she read from existing students and conversations she had with real staff.
“Outside of the personal contact from the staff, what I most appreciated about NITA’s program was the convenience of the online curriculum and the real-world examples that were paired with the course content,” she said about NITA’s program. “I would definitely recommend it to anyone, including my own future investigators.”

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