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NITA Launches Continuing Education Curriculum for Security Guards in Georgia

The career prospects are vast for security professionals who acquire proper training and experience. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall job opportunities are projected to be excellent in the security professional industry, with over 1.1 million Americans employed in this occupation each year. 

Individuals wanting to propel their security careers in Georgia can enroll in the continuing education curriculum for security guards now offered by the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc., (NITA). The state of Georgia requires security professionals to have specific licensing and training, and each course offered in this continuing education curriculum is state-approved while teaching security skills in high demand. 

What NITA’s Continuing Education Curriculum for Security Guards in Georgia Offers

Course Description

NITA’s Security Guard Continuing Education courses are approved by the state of Georgia and designed to further security professionals’ careers by educating high-demand security skills. Our online courses offer a comprehensive learning experience where individuals can learn at their own pace. 

NITA is a board-approved provider of investigative training in the state of Georgia with a CLTR license #001021. Our security guard continuing education courses were designed by senior NITA investigative faculty and staff, each who have enjoyed lucrative careers within the security and investigative industries.

These continuing education courses cover various subjects, including bomb threat awareness, crowd control, effective communication, and how to handle explosive devices to advance security professionals in their careers. 

Students must pass a final examination to receive credit for each Security Guard Continuing Education course. Upon completion of the course with a passing examination grade, students can immediately download proof of training with a certificate of completion. 

Courses Available 

  • Bomb Threat Awareness — 6 HR CE 
  • Crowd Control Training — 6 HR CE
  • Effective Communication — 6 HR CE 
  • Field Notes and Report Writing — 6HR CE
  • Improvised Explosive Device Awareness 6-Hr Course

What is the Job Outlook for Trained Security Guards in Georgia?

The professional security industry is one of the largest in the world. Well-trained security guards are in high demand across the country with the highest employment levels in metropolitan areas, like Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell in Georgia. 

Security professionals who take advantage of continuing education courses stand out from the competition and generally earn higher rates in a career they enjoy. There are several specialized areas that security guards can explore with proper training and education, including:

  • Government Contract Security Guard
  • Hospital Security Guard
  • Information Security
  • Unarmed Security Guard
  • Bank Security
  • Cruise Ship Security
  • Hotel & Resort Security
  • Airport Security: TSA Officer
  • Museum Security
  • Testing and Manufacturing Security

Start Your Thrilling Security Career Today With NITA 

The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc,. (NITA) is a complete security training source in the state of Georgia. Professionals who have completed online Continuing Education courses required for Georgia residents can move on to experience rewarding careers in an exciting industry with a world of opportunity. Whether you want to work for the federal or state government, large organizations, or start your own security business – you can advance your professional security career with NITA’s online Continuing Education courses for Security Guards in Georgia. 

When you’re ready to advance your professional security careers, you can enroll in Continuing Education courses approved by Georgia and offered by NITA today. Call 1-800-730-NITA (6482) to explore our online course offerings to enroll or learn more about the rewarding opportunities available. 

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