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NITA Student Spotlight – Marcus Thurman

NITA Student Spotlight – Marcus Thurman




When did you decide to become a Private Investigator? For some, it began as a childhood aspiration, spawning from detective-themed novels of yesteryear. For others, the dream of becoming a PI developed later in life. For recent NITA graduate Marcus Thurman, it was the latter.


Marcus, a happily married father of two, has always had an entrepreneurial heart. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Marcus relocated to the Orlando shortly after graduating from high school. He was kind enough to speak with us about his experience with the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA)


NITA: Marcus, thanks for speaking with us. Please tell our readers a little more about yourself.


“Sure! I worked at a milk company for ten years before starting my own entrepreneurial business in retail, selling unique sports items. Then, I was hired as a manager of a major sports retail chain. After working in management for another decade, I dabbled in security and a few other entrepreneurial endeavors. It was at that time that I decided to give private investigations a shot.”


NITA: How did you hear about NITA and our online courses?


“I first learned about NITA’s online courses through my security instructor. She gave me a few numbers and I was able to conduct a bit of research on my own as well. Once I learned about the National Investigative Training Academy, it was a no brainer.”


NITA: What would you like to do with your PI license?


“My ultimate goal is to use my private investigations license to benefit the future security agency I hope to launch on my own. In addition to my Class D security license, I also have my concealed weapons’ permit. I chose to pursue licensure in the field of investigations so I can have all of the credentials I need to begin my own agency.”


Would you recommend NITA’s courses to others?           


“Yes! It was a no brainer for me to sign up with the NITA online and the overall experience has been outstanding. From day one, Sandra made me feel so comfortable with doing this online. It made the decision really easy for me. I would absolutely recommend NITA’s courses to anyone and everyone that is thinking about making a change in their careers.”





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