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Counter Terrorism – Advanced Financial Profiling

4-Hour Course


Enroll today in this advanced training course to uncover the financial aspect of tracking terrorism. Experts will teach the financial business model of terrorist groups, the financial flow of funds, and the profile of terrorist groups’ financial resources.

Enhance your career with this accelerated training, created by industry experts.  This course exceeds the typical investigative curriculum, advancing your career knowledge base.

NITA’s dynamic training is offered 100% online and 100% on-demand.  Study on your own time and on your own schedule.

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Course Outline
  1. NITA Course Introduction
  2. Counter Terrorism Overview and Background
  3. Business Model and the Flow of Funds
  4. The Funding Sources for Counter Terrorism
  5. Funds: Transfer, Expenditure, and Distribution
  6. Counter Terrorism - Prevention: Awareness, Risk Identification, and Assessment
  7. The Symptoms and Red Flags of Counter Terrorism
  8. Deterrence and Countermeasures
  9. Recommendations: Rapid Response Team, Data Analysis and Research Techniques

Course Description

Terrorism is the use of violence against persons or property, or the threat of using such violence, to intimidate or coerce a government, the public, or any section of the public, for the promotion or pursuit of political, social, or ideological objectives.

A primary vulnerability to terrorism is how the organization receives and uses financial support.  Thus, a key method of preventing, detecting, and deterring terrorism is to monitor, investigate, control, mitigate and eliminate the terrorist organization’s access to funding.

This course provides a study of historical strategy, as well as tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), which may provide a plausible approach toward Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Threat Finance in the future, whether against individual terrorist cells or to larger, more organized terrorist groups, such as ISIS, Al-Qaida or the Taliban.

Course Outcome

Private Investigators will have the ability to learn at their own pace and complete four (4) hours of dynamic professional development training to further enhance their investigative career.

Course Completion

All courses include an end-of-course examination. Students must pass the exam to receive credit for the training. Certificates will be available online immediately for all students.

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